Sunday, 22 July 2012

Happy Place

So what if yer stupid, fat and ugly if yer about to get kicked out of yer house cos you lost yer job and can't pay yer rent?  So what if yer sheltering under a bridge in Syria while the death squads look for you? So what if the plane yer on is about to smash into the ground taking out a hospital on the way?

Old Knudsen is here to show you nice things to make all yer woes vanish.

Hug yer inner tree and enjoy awesome, cool and beautiful stuff.

Not all unicorns were ate by dinosaurs 6,000 years ago, go on rub it's horn for luck.

 The latest in footwear.

Who doesn't like zombies? combine them with hot chicks and win!

Isn't it amazing what they can do with bums these days?

A smile and some interesting ink brightens the world up.

Nothing says cool like Captain Kirk in some mood lighting.

Cyndi Lauper who is still alive.

Ryan Gosling's head is a thing of beauty

The only thing to make it better is to put it on Ryan Reynold's body.

Cute babies that aren't yers.

Midgets are total class.

You don't want to know what her face is like, just enjoy this.

Isn't that lady just fun?

That is yer joy all done unless you look at it again, now fuck off to the real world.