Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Game Of Thrones In Belfast

One does not simply hand a Gog bothering flyer to a lady of Winterfell as she walks her dire wolf.

As Game of thrones gets filmed in Belfast over at the Titanic quarter it does cause a little trouble for the everyday people.

I walked into HMV intent on a bit of shop lifting but Balon was holding up the line arguing with the cashier, "I will not pay the gold price for this Miley Cyrus Cd, go get me your lord for its the iron price or nothing you weak soft boy."

Too many peeps about, Ned's bastard Jon Snow was in the adult section almost buying a porno. Ach ya know ya want it never mind the Black guard and yer oath of celibacy a build up of spunk in the system can kill ya or turn ya into a pedo.

Old Knudsen just stays away from the Titanic centre. The last time he was there this naked lass covered in dragons tried to ask me for directions to a safe place for her people to stay the night. Well ya can try the Premier Inn. I am the mother of dragons she said .......... the Europa hotel then?

Ach ya can't even eat in peace at KFC without some chick getting bent over yer table.

After I take you you'll be my 15th wife.

Yeah yeah whatever I didn't order my fillet burgers with extra mayo.Ya can't even get a high chair for yer child as there may be some midget using it to have sex on.

Ok so I may have encouraged him a bit.

We get stars all the time in Belfast we hardly take note except to say something like, "who the fuck do they think they are?" when they go up and ask for extra ketchup in Burger King, ya think they own the place the way they get on.

Rhianna has stopped coming to Belfast as she keeps on getting mistaken for a prostitute .... aye like we'd have good lookin hoors that have their own teeth.