Monday, 16 July 2012

Dick Cutting Nazis

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has put her penis-less backing to the idea that Jewish and Muslim communities should be able to continue the practice of circumcision.

 This was after a Cologne court ruled in a case of a 4 year-old who after being circumcised had medical complications, the court said that the child's right to physical integrity trumped religious and parental rights...... sense at last.

Merkel's spokesman said it was a case of protecting religious freedom. We want to have Jewish and Muslim religious life in Germany.

Intact and in the image of Gog.  

The ancient Greeks used to value the length of the foreskin rather than the size of the dick.  It was the prudish Victorians that promoted circumcision to prevent wanking ........ it didn't work. Now medical experts claim it reduces STDs. Keeping the snake in the cage and not putting it where it shouldn't be put also reduces STDs.
I'm sure my super penis minus foreskin did not catch syphilis off that hoor, trust in medical science and fuck me now mother!

Ever think there is a reason for having one? go ahead and have yer eyelids removed and figure yon reason out. 

 "Aren't you so cute? You don't have a clue or a say but because I'm a moron I'm going to have an important part of yer penis removed rather than waiting for you to grow up and decide for yourself."

European Jewish and Muslim groups have joined forces to defend circumcision..... unity at last and over something very important, dicks!

You know yer cult is going well when yer followers are whacking off their children's wieners.  

If yer going to uphold religious freedom then you should also support the parents right to female circumcision.
It also covers sexual equality so yay!

Children need to be protected from harm and that harm also cums from their parents it seems.