Monday, 9 July 2012

The Depression Sailor Dies

One of  OBB's favourite actors Ernest Borgnine has died. Born 24 January 1917 in Connecticut he was the son of Italian immigrants, something he'd have to live with all his life.

The 95 year-old served in the navy during WWII and then after the war he thought he'd give acting a go not realising that 10 years later he'd be getting an Oscar for best actor.

A supporter of the sacrament of marriage he was on his 5th wife (not literally) when he passed away. Not a big fan of the gheys he refused to see Brokeback Mountain  ....... as does Old Knudsen but because its probably shite. 

A colourful character always ready to give his much needed opinion . Ernest on Weemen's Rights:

"They tried it the wrong way. You can't expect anyone to take you seriously if you burn your undies and tell me I'm a pig. That's why it failed. Too many ugly broads telling me that they don't want to sleep with me. Who wanted you anyway?"

Ernest on Hippies: 

"I hate hippies and dopeheads. Just hate them. I'm glad we sent the men off to war. They came back with a sense of responsibility and respect. We should have grabbed the women, given them a bath, put a chastity belt on them and put them in secretary school."  

What a man,  and what a joy to watch on screen. 

No terrorist group has yet claimed responsibility for his death.