Friday, 24 July 2009

Politics Has Never Been So Hot

Hilary Clinton is a woman Old Knudsen has wanted to sexually degrade for years now. There is nothing wrong with that as she wants it too, well she mouths things to me when she is on the telly.

She told North Korea they were Billy no mates or had no more friends of something like that, they then called her a schoolgurl.

Time for Old Knudsen to share from his wank bank. A computer folder with over 8 millions images that has crashed me computer more times than a light aeroplane has crashed and has hacked into over half of me reader's computers ..................... sorry a man has to wank, Jesus said that in the sequel to the Bible starring Tom Hanks.

If you don't get aroused by the above picture then I guess yer a leezer, a ghey leezer or just not human.

Old Knudsen dares the international community to call the German Empress Angela Merkel a dominatrix cos he has the pictures.

What was that Sarkozy Laura Bush is the bukkake queen of Texas? oh don't get Old Knudsen started for once he opens that folder and stares into yer ma's abyss he may lose himself.


Anonymous said...

You like Angela, eh?

Old Knudsen said...

who wouldn't like Angela? do you know her?

Donn said...

Cool :)
Hillary looks so happy to be dressed up as a naughty little schoolgirl. I bet Bill doesn't mind either.

Bill is a hard Dawg to keep on the front porch and bless her heart she is doin' whatever it takes to keep that mutually beneficial living arrangement intact.