Friday, 17 July 2009

Old Knudsen Takes A Break

So any way Old Knudsen has had enough!!!!!!!! Not only did he got out marching on the 11th and 12th to antagonise Fenians into fighting and only got sunburned for his efforts but the Vatican approved the new Harry Potter film.

Its one thing to shelter and support Nazis but this was way too much!!!!!!!!

Old Knudsen went to the Italian alps and found Pope Benedict XVI relaxing with a large beer and some young friends. The man is 82 but still able to bugger altered boys so I slapped the cunt around a bit and forced him to eat a condom and as a warning to any other wee stunts he might pull I broke his wanking wrist as a reminder.

Don't worry folks the Pope is protected by Swiss guards so it wasn't like it was difficult, they just stood around saying they wouldn't get involved.

Don't believe any falling doon stories now you know the truth. Hey! what the fuck are you looking at Diocese of Leeds?


MJ said...

I figured he'd broken it wanking and now, thanks to Old Knudsen, I know the true story.

"Old Knudsen Takes A Break"...

Is that a cryptic headline?

Should I be reading anything into it other than the wank wrist breakage?

You're not taking the weekend off, are you?

What about Sexy Saturday?

Eddie Waring said...

Do you still have those bicycle clips I lent ya?

Fat Sparrow said...




Oh yeah, good post, Old K.

MJ said...

Waring, you owe me child support.

Eddie Waring said...

Something has been missing from my life, since this is the last place you would expect to find it I decided to look here first.
Where the fuck is Knudsen?

Old Knudsen said...

Knudsen is nowhere!!!!