Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Bear With Me

There is a question here in America as to why Civilians need assault rifles. Well it seems there is the whole thing for the people to have a right to bear arms for the defense of themselves and their own state, or the United States, or the purpose of killing game.................. remember man is the ultimate game.

Or so I've heard as Old Knudsen has never taken part in a Hobo hunt and does not keep heads in his fridge as trophies.

The government of America was overthrown by traitors to the crown this we all know but since then the government has worried about the people having the power to do the same thing to them and so would like to make sure the police and military have more firepower than the people thus making any armed uprising null and void.

Could the people defend a cup of warm piss in a fire fight against an army?

Old Knudsen thinks it would be great to have bear arms but only if they had thumbs, I'd be like a hairy Wolverine but with pads.

Speaking of bears I was watching a show on the Roadkill channel last night and they talked about how bears in Alaska are coming closer to human towns and becoming more bold. It was a white bear they were worried about, either a grizzly covered in snow or a polar bear but as we all know polars don't travel anymore than 25 miles from the coast and this was 200 miles inland.

Then they thought a hybrid................... which uses less fish than the usual bear.

Polar bears are just brown bears who have adapted to snow over the years , not evolution because we all know thats a load of shite and bear bears can have interracial fornication if so wanted .

A hunter went in search for this Pizzly and what weapon did he have? why a M-16. An assault rifle the Yanks lost nam with and still continue to use this day. Old Knudsen prefers something with more stopping power that is easier to use, hmmmm maybe like the AK-47's all the enemies use which is why they kick arse.

Old Knudsen has learned that sense is an outdated idea in the world and no one wants it.

When Old Knudsen killed the Great white panda of the pennienes he didn't have a gun, all he had was an orange and some brown wrapping paper and he was grateful.

So if anyone says, "Why do civilians need automatic weapons?" the obvious answer is bears!

When the snow melts because of the invented and highly marketed Global warming (buy Al Gore action figures) the bears will be coming doon to take yer jobs and eat yer dogs.

Go buy a big gun that holds a lot of bullets, on second thoughts get two.


Donn said...

Did you happen to see Arctic Bears last week? Polars are changing back to Grizz because of Primate Change.

Bears have been trying to kill us off for Millenia. They've always hated us because we stole the best caves and had thumbs.

One of these days the Bears will organise and blitz our towns and cities..they'll kill everything that moves and eat us...and then the world will return to it's natural state.

MJ said...

Ah yes...the Saga of the *Great White Panda* of the Pennines.

Do you suffer from phantom stump syndrome?

Fat Sparrow said...

"Could the people defend a cup of warm piss in a fire fight against an army?"

Well, yeah, I'm pretty sure Texas will have no problems, ditto with East L.A.

San Francisco will be fucked, of course, but they like that kind of think.

I saw this and of course, thought of you. Because you're barking mad, I figured it must be you.