Monday, 29 June 2009

We're Having A Heatwave A Sassenach Heatwave

Mostly in the south of England this week there will be a heatwave. 33C which is 91.4F. This heat will no doubt kill off the odd Sassenach and will be major news.

Do I need to tell you that here in the Inland Empire 91F and above happens every other day, Old Knudsen isn't necessarily acclimatised to it he just don't take shit from hot or cold weather.

Mad dogs and Old Knudsen go out in the midday sun.

Back in the day I'd be serving old queen Vic oppressing the wogs for their own good, I'd stand in the sun for hours flogging lazy fuzzies only to have the ungrateful cunts rise up in the night and try to kill us.

Anyway it is Gods punishment upon the southern English as if you notice that Scotland and Northern Ireland will be mostly spared. Repent you soft English and stop yer incestuous cuntish ways.


Donn said...
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Donn said...

A heatwave in England?

Good One Knudsen.

Is that comely Lass waiting for HEAT on the cliff?

It's me Cathy
I'm so co-o-o-old
let me in your windo-o-ow"

*clutches chest
I'm comin' Elizabeth!
dis is da big one!”