Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Thick Necked Thugs Miss The Berlin Wall

One of over 100 people who left their homes

One hundred Romanians who fled their homes in Belfast after recent attacks on their Donegal road homes have decided to leave Northern Ireland and return to Romania.

25 of them had already left and 75 were going to leave as soon as they could.

A man has also been arrested charged with intimidating Romanian people in Belfast.

Shane Murphy, 21, of the Donegall Road denies the charge. Why was a man with the name Murphy (Catholic) living on the road anyway? In my day there wouldn't have been any of those types living there.

Old Knudsen's family on his bare knuckle fighting mother's side are from the Donegal road, the last time Old Knudsen was there it was a lovely place with paintings on the side of hooses and neighbours standing in groups on corners as a sort of neighbourhood watch thing breaking the knee caps of anyone different.

King Billy was so brave he rode a white everyone target me horse into battle, what a guy.

King William of Orange was Dutch and has gone on to become a hero like Abraham Lincoln and Richard the Lionheart, you know historical figures who have been white washed by people who don't read history.

15 and 16 year- old boys have also been charged with the attacks on the dirty slavs.

Talking about white wash, Che Guevara was a mass murdering hench man.

The Housing Executive which deals with low income hooses is paying for the families and members of the Roma ethnic group, to return to Romania using emergency funds.

Northern Ireland and in fact the UK in full is becoming more and more American. Is that a good thing?

The laws are changing and immigrants are getting the hatred of the people. The UK does treat its gheys better even with no freedom of speech and a state sponsored religion.

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Donn said...

Oye gots nuthin' aginst da fekkin' Roma-Pikers coz dey loikes Degs!