Monday, 15 June 2009

Sad Silly Old Manwoman

Old Knudsen will address the shooting at Washington's Holocaust museum. One of the many shootings that happen every day in America but it has caught the public eye because of where it was done and by who.

Racists are neither very deep or very smart, you might as well just hate someone because they wear bleached jeans instead of stonewashed . Hate people for what they do not what they are. Doesn't this hero look like and old woman?

James W. von Brunn, an 88-year-old white supremacist from Maryland walked into the museum with a rifle and shoot dead a security guard before he was shot, he is still in critical condition at the time of this writing.

A Holocaust denier he had a web site full of his hatred and a self-published book "Kill the Best Gentiles!" in which he said "exposes the Jews and explains what you must do to protect your White family."

A Holocaust denier? Its true that Old Knudsen is a denier of science and any short cumings people say he has but thats different. A Holocaust denier has decided they don't like a particular version of history and so pretend something else happened, a very common occurance I'm told.

Its generally accepted that 6 million or so Jews were murdered by the Nazis in the Holocaust. Deniers say it wasn't that many or it was a jew hoax to advance the interest of Jews at the expense of other people like poor wee Hitler and his people that voted for him. If you count the gheys, gimps, Poles, tinkers, Soviets and others the number of deaths would be between 11 million and 17 million people.

How do you go about telling people yer family or village didn't really die in a camp but merely vanished even though there are witnesses, logs, pictures and even remains that put them in the camps ? Considering that if you look at the Katyn Forest massacre in 1939 when the Russians when they invaded Poland and executed 22,000 Poles they considered a threat to them went mostly unnoticed or ignored by the world for decades. 22,000 people in one night by men with guns wearing leather aprons and gauntlets.

The only person more stupid than a Holocaust denier is an Atheist. Not only is God on Wikipedia but he has been in several movies, the History channel and is mentioned in numerous books and has also talked to historical figures like Moses, Joan of Arc, Son of Sam (through a dog) and even Hitler.

Von Brunn was a navy puke who joined the reserves in 1943. Old Knudsen could dissect him as being a conflicted homosexual who has been taught its wrong to pack fudge and transfers his anger onto others. A very common practice among neo-Nazis and other white supremacists.

Social conditioning and lack of intelligence also not really knowing what it takes to be a man. A man protects and respects those who cannot protect themselves, he will stand up to the bullies no matter how bad it makes him look, he keep his word and do as he says, he will use sense and empathy to do the right thing. He will follow his heart and not his ego.

According to his web site "Holy Western Empire." He served six years in prison for trying in 1981 to kidnap Federal Reserve board members because of high interest rates.
He blamed his prison term on a "Negro jury, Jew/Negro attorneys" and "a Jew judge."

Then again he also claimed to be a PT boat war hero. White supremacists also have poor self esteem and so build a fantasy world around them in which they are superior due to the colour of their skin.
Old Knudsen was just talking to George Clooney in his Italian villa about this the other day before we went into town and fucked all round us.

Von Brunn was 88 years-old. 88 is a code for the 8th letter in the aphablet which is 'H' and is used as 88 for Heil Hitler, a coeincidence? yeah probably.

Yes Obama does draw comparisons to Hitler in the way that he promised a beaten unpopular cuntrie some change and hope. He used the jaded feeling of the nation to boost him into power. That is where the comparsions end unless you say they both fart a lot. To Lennin he can be compared by wanting the people who have nothing to all be looked after. Lennin and Hitler weren't very good socialists considering they cared nothing for the people, look at the UK is socialism so bad?

No it wasn't the same shit what FDR did to the Japanese/Americans in his own cuntrie during WWII was more similar.

You get non-thinkers on the left or the right wing.

Old Knudsen is here to tell you that the Holocaust did indeed happen as did slavery. Both terrible things to learn from but not to define who you are today.

  • The moon landing in 1969 did not happen.
  • The world is only 5000 years old.
  • Not supporting the death penalty means you are for pedos and murderers.
  • You can support the troops in war for if you don't you aren't a patriot.
  • You must support the war see above.
  • Hate niggers, Jews and Catholics but only the individuals that sour yer milk or spoil yer crop, don't go out of yer way to do it or to hate the ones that did nothing.
  • If you must go on a shooting spree confine it to yerself.
  • Weemen who don't want me are leezers.
  • Blokes that hate me are threatened by me.
  • If you are against abortion then don't have one.
Old Knudsen has spoken.


Momentary Madness said...

Ah sure, you have to be hating somebody, unless your really happy, and are you goin’ to find a happy person. There’s only one LOTTO winner each week.
Whoever won the 29 million in the European lotto the other day, man, now that’s what I call happy.
You’d be dead before you could think, never mind do all the things you wanted to. You’d even give James W. von Brunn a big hug, unless it as the wrong time of day, and after a few pints you were feeling rat arsed enough to give him a good kick in the rocks, just for lookin’ like a woman, and callin’ himself a honest to goodness anti-Semitist.

Leah said...

Old Knudsen, I know you're just trying to get your one known Jewess in bed with this one...

Donn Coppens said...

I am pleased that you have taken it upon yourself to clarify the nagging questions concerning the intelligence of "haters". Unfortunately they don't read so good and won't be able to "git" y'er sarcasm.

I love the idea of shooting sprees being suicides! I would watch a channel that was entirely devoted to a Darwinian win-win situation. The shallow end of the gene pool needs more than an occasional skimming of the surface..HELL it needs to be drained and disinfected!!

I don't believe in the moon landing either...the flag flapping without "air" should have been thought through.

MJ said...

Old Knudsen is better acquainted with fish flaps than flag flaps.

Boxer said...

It always confuses me when I completely agree with your lists.

Old Knudsen said...

MM I hate you ........ unless you've won 29 million of course, my best fuckin mate.

leah It had better be working as I'm running out of ideas.

DC I hate hate so much it makes me want to shoot random people, but in private as I do not have the American need to be on the telly.

MJ Fish do not have flaps, balls or fingers they do have big hairy fish cunts though.

Kurt said...

I can't believe you provide these posts FREE OF CHARGE!