Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Old Knudsen Salutes The Cannon Fodder

On Saturday in Belfast a crowd of 50 scum-bags walked down a the city centre street in protest at the raising of the armed forces flag at the city hall. They were stopped by police officers in riot gear.

The police said that because the group stepped onto the road their protest became an "illegal parade".

The crowd dispersed a short time later after some chest beating and shouting. Obviously the types who talk big in crowds.

These were Republicans, a dirty people out of touch with real people and not caring what they think anyway. Oh sorry Irish Republicans not the Yank ones, oh no they are fucking cool and in touch with the common folk, vote Palin for Presidential MILF!

Britain out of Ireland, if ya don't like collecting British government unemployment benefits then the 50 of yous should move south to Ireland. Then there was those Fenians who bravely tried to get the kids to throw half bricks at the Protestant bands, unlike previous years the kids said, "Wise a bap mister". Times they are a changing.

For those 50 dickheads who no doubt went to the pub afterwards to mouth off and then went home to beat the wife and kids there is something they should know.

In World War One 210,000 Irishmen served in the British forces no conscription, about 35,000 of them died.

In World War two it is estimated that 70,000 neutral Irish did the right thing and joined up in the British army to fight the Nazis between 10,000 and 20,000 died.

Those veterans upon returning to Ireland kept their military service a secret due to the stigma from their fellow cuntrie men of having served Britain, many vets of WWII still do not like to talk about it and will never be honoured.

Old Knudsen salutes those past and present who have served the King and Queen no matter what nationality and those idiot protesters are not fit to lick shit off their boots.


Momentary Madness said...

Every bristling shaft of pride
Church or nation
Team or tribe
Every notion we subscribe to
Is just a borderline
Good or bad, we think we know
As if thinking makes things so!
All convictions grow along a borderline

Donn said...

The "troubles eh"
Poli-Sci textbooks are filled with Ireland's legacy; Sectarian Violence and the role of Sociopathic Cowards posing as Nationalists and murdering innocent citizens perpetuating a generational cycle of violence.

The Land of Ire was not exactly a shimmering green oasis in an orangy sea of turmoil of how denominationally -challenged "Christians" lived out Jesus's command to Love Thy Neighbour As Thyself.

Proof positive that Church and State should never ever ever intersect. Ah yes,the Miracle Of Brotherly Love. It is absolutely pathetic how under the guise of Faith, "towzands" were lost and sacrificed to ignorant blind f*cking hatred and hollow pride...
and all for what?

Anonymous said...

Ireland is a great country. I mean IRELAND not the north or the south but IRELAND. I have been to both and found the people to be great blokes and blokesses, The only thing whit divides you as people is feckin' POLITICS.

Feck the shiny arses in their comfy positions making politics which divide your people, Feck yous whit pander to their shite. Have you no brain in yer heid to wake up to the big lie which seperates mankind? If ye have so much hate inside ye, get yerself doon tae the nearest Gymnasium and punch fuck outa some punchbag. Don't sit on a hill spoutin' shite with the argument that "the others did this to me"

Use yer heart, man. Be one of the first. People here love you, you kent.