Saturday, 20 June 2009

Old Knudsen Explains

The basic rule is Anymore than a mouthful is a waste ! that rule is for amateurs that know not what they are doing.

Old Knudsen never wastes...........

You can do the pencil test if you want to, remember you do not have to have a rubber on the end of yer pencil for this but for smaller barely ripened melons you may need to plump and squeeze.

To know if they are fresh or ripe don't not be afraid to give them a good old rap with yer knuckles.
If you hear a hollow thud merely wait for the rigormortis to pass in say 24 -48 hours, it will go in the same order it came.

If you do not hear a sound except for the exclamation of pain then yer melons are conscious and ready to taste. Unconscious melons are just as good.

Melons that gravity has made go to the ground are still usable do not let the odd wrinkle or dis- colouration put you off, just be sure you have washed them before you sink yer teeth into them.

You need to study yer melons first, it is not socially acceptable to squeeze whatever ones you want without buying them. No one wants second hand bruised melons with bite marks in them.

Most of all enjoy for that is the reason God made them.

Old Knudsen's next post in which he explains will be on the ins and outs of Italian and Polish sausage. Listed will be the various diseases that can be caught fron each.

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Donn said...

That was an excellent display of double entendreism.

I like totally knead them Dude.