Sunday, 7 June 2009

Next Time Yer On Yer Own

Yesterday was the 65th anniversary of D-day. Old Knudsen won't bore you with war stories like how when he landed at sword they wouldn't even let the men brew up on the sand, oh no they said go kill the Germans and then you can have a cup of Rosy Lee. Yes a horror story worse than any holocaust. Some people have said we were allowed a few sips and it wasn't as bad as we and thousands of other witnesses say but I was there and no tae passed these lips until I had killed *248 Germans*, I didn't take any prisoners cos I was fucking grouchy, blame the officers for not giving us a tea break.

The thing about killing Germans is once you pop you can't stop.

*Plus 67 members of other nations that got in his way*

French president Sarkozy is such a silly wee yank licking self promoter. He invited Obama to the 65th D-day anniversary but not any of the other leaders who lost thousands fighting the hun.

He wanted a special French/American day. I suppose it would make sense as the French made it possible for America to be free from the British and then America made it possible to be free from the Germans. Well they should have made it a day in which no one else was involved. We British were kinda in the war when it started in 39 and never surrendered unlike the French.

In fact Old Knudsen hadn't actually ended fighting the 1914-1918 war.

Don't you dare leave out the soldiers of Canada, Australia, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, France, Greece, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway and Poland.

" We surrender, no just practising in case North Korea invades."

The British press went to war on the subject saying it was a royal snub but the French shrugged like they do and said there would be other D-days and that they wanted to give Obama a private hand job.

Invites went out to the various nations and Gordon Brown (texture like sun) and prince Chuck turned up for the free D-day tea and scones.

Many veterans wore badges with the Queen's face on them to represent.

Old Knudsen didn't fight the Japs at Normandy, Dunkirk and Tescos just to have his beautiful Queen snubbed by the frogs, nor did he fight the battle of the Bulge on America's biggest loser just to be omitted from a solemn occasion such as this, he also didn't snipe at Hitler's head from a grassy knoll in 1963 for that was JFK.

Sure Churchill may have bombed the French navy when they were being stupid cunts but really when have the French not been stupid cunts?

Never trust a nation that fights with its feet and fucks with its mouth.


Anonymous said...

"Next time" you stay on your damn island ...

Just Another Faceless Commenter said...

Germans, French, English, whatever. You've all taken it up the shitter and everywhere else from the Romans, you bloody spic-buggered losers.

Apparently your asses were still sore, and that's why we had to come over and bail you out when you couldn't stand on your own. And what thanks do we get for it? Do I see a McDonald's on every corner and a Wal-Mart in every town? Fuck no, I do not, so get busy writing those "Thank you" notes to us and importing our deadly culture, dammit.

angela's ashes said...

How your dear little face lights up when you smile like that (last pic). This was such a happy smiling post I'm giving you three smilies for it

Anonymous said...

Germany got rid of that stupid Wal-Mart. The only thing that came from that is roaches.