Monday, 8 June 2009

Fuck yer Beacon Of Free Speech

Even Hitler Needed Love

Stephen Whittle (the ginger yeti) 42 and Simon Sheppard, 52 flew to Los Angeles in July 2008 before they could be sentenced for printing leaflets writing on a website featuring racist/anti-Jewish material.

Sheppard was found guilty of 11 offenses and Whittle was found guilty of five .

The pair hoped they would be protected by America's free speech laws and asked for asylum, claiming they had been harassed by the British government over their views.

Unlike the movies they were taken into custody at the airport and have remained in jail in Santa Ana ever since.

Sheppard from Selby, North Yorks, said, "We thought they'd hold us for a day or so. We couldn't see how they wouldn't grant us asylum. The things we supposedly had done in Britain aren't illegal in America.

"We came to the beacon of free speech in the Western world, which turned out to be a complete fantasy."

Old Knudsen just wants to apologise for the standard of Neo-Nazi produced by the UK. I blame the parents.

It was because they told immigration officers they wanted to stay without visas and the fact they were guilty of offenses that didn't give them what they wanted. All they had to do was get off the plane and go forth into the beacon of free speech known as America not tell everyone what yer business is, how fucking stupid and full of themselves they are ........ they aren't no Old Knudsen thats fer sure.

Sheppard and Whittle, of Preston, Lancs, may also face possible jail terms for a string of racist essays attacking Jews, blacks and Asians. Terrible stuff fer sure Old Knudsen being anti-racist would willingly stand up for the rights of any hooked nosed deity killer, Picaninny or cuff link unless they were dickheads cos then I'd hang them from a tree and stick a fork up their arse.

You get racists in all etnic groups so Old Knudsen refuses to tip toe around the subject, if it ain't racists then its sectarian bigots or ghey bashers. OLD KNUDSEN HATES INTOLERANCE! in fact he wants execute anyone who isn't like him or thinks the way he does.

The two Nazi rocket scientists argued that they were protected because the articles were posted on an Internet server in Callyfornia, supposedly beyond the reach of British law, so me lads where you in Callyfornia too when you typed it? In March, an immigration judge ordered that the men be deported to Britain.

Old Knudsen isn't a lawyer (because his parents were married) but he does know that in order to avail yerself of the laws of another cuntry you have to be a citizen. Maybe they should have lived in the US for a while to see how free the speech in America is. For fucks sake on LOL cats if people don't like yer captions they can delete them, I can haz mouse? ok maybe that shit should be deleted for being lame.

Obama said he bowled like someone from the special Olympics and got hassle for it, c'mon have you seen those raspberry ripples? fucking funny to watch but point out what they are and oh no. Old Knudsen is in America and can't even call Catholic priests pedos without a legal letter going to Google from those Nazi pedos in Leeds.

According to the constitution all men are created equal, except the slaves, Indians and gheys, weemen just need to nod in agreement and look pretty.

How the fuck did these two black cuntry knobs except a fair shake at the stick?

Others who don't have freedom of speech are American kids, not until you are 18 ya wee self entitled cunts.

This case is going to be big for other idiot white supremacists, they will say they didn't get asylum because they are white, no they didn't get it because they were stupid hate mongers no better than the raghead clerics in the UK stirring up potential suicide bombers.

Old Knudsen doesn't believe in free speech, its a stupid idea why would you give Nazis or the KKK a voice ? Old Knudsen doesn't believe that many politicians should be allowed to speak either. Also on the list is Sean Hannity, Michael Moore, Al Sharpton , Jesse Jackson, Michael Jackson, Rush Limbaugh, Fred Phelps, Simon Cowell, Anne Coulter, Old Knudsen, BillO'Reilly, Tucker Carlson and Don Imus. If you listen to any of these cunts yer dumb.


tony said...

That Pair Couldnt Annex Mytholmroyd let alone The Sudetenland.

Just Another Faceless Commenter said...

What the fuck? Did no one tell them that California has actual sun?! It's a damn good thing for them that they were taken in to custody the minute they stepped off the plane, otherwise they would have burst in to flames to minute they stepped outside LAX. Besides, they wouldn't have been able to get directions to anywhere. Do they even speak Spanish?!

Jesus, what a couple of fuckwits.

If that ginger yeti is an example of the Master Race, count me out. Why is it that every one who claims to be part of a master race is someone who'd have to pay to get someone to fuck him?

That's fucking brilliant that they put them in jail in Santa Ana. I hope they enjoyed getting butt-fucked by MS13 gang members and getting spit on by the Vietnamese bangers, too.

Did it not dawn on them that white people (especially eerily glowing white people that are not claiming to be vampires) are a serious minority in California? One of the fly-over states (especially Idaho or Montana, or even Oregon) would have been a much better choice for them.

God, I'm going to be laughing about this one for ages. And that's what happens when you watch too many American movies, folks, and don't get an edumacation.

MJ said...

*nods whilst painting fingernails*

BEAST said...

I am sure your breaching someones human rights by pointing out he is a stupid ginger wanker
Is my dinner ready yet Miss MJ

Anonymous said...

Adolf was not stupid. These blokes are stupid beyond description. As Tony saied, they would not even manage the Sudentenland.

MJ said...

@Beast: Pffffffffttttt.

The Hangar Queen said...

Slight point of order. The Constitution covers everyone in the US not just citizens. These fuckers should have ( as you correctly state) disappered into the background. Then again if they did that then we wouldn't have the comedy.
Tsk,tsk Imagine walking up to immigration and telling them they are fugitives from justice.

Real justice here would be for them to do their time in Lompoc.