Sunday, 14 June 2009


Everyone needs a button like this on yer cumputer. Old Knudsen has lost many readers with this wee thingy.
A funny thing. I was looking at me blog and noticed I had a pitiful 12 people on me feedburner, I did a post for Wednesday and went round facefuck and twatter then I returned to me blog and found I had 8 pathetic losers on me feedburner.

I'm sure I never touched the button that may or may not have destroyed Eddie Waring and numerous others.

Old Knudsen thinks his cumputer lies to him, this could be the start of the rise of the machines.

Be warned for as you watch the telly it is watching you..............................


MJ said...

After waiting in vain for months for the return of Eddie Waring, I finally took him off my blogroll a couple of days ago.

I was hoping that by doing so, he would miraculously show up again.

I am still waiting for the miracle.

But meanwhile, Manuel has resurfaced!

mago said...

Something with his cock-ring ...