Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Death To Whatever

Old Knudsen is a friend to many. Race, religion, gender, politics, sexual orientation are things he hates so don't get him started.

Old Knudsen tends to find hot weemen with oiled buttocks and thong marks more interesting for some reason. Old Knudsen will be-friend dirty Arabs because Old Knudsen can see beyond what a person is in favour of what type of person they are.

Iranians are not Arabs they are Persians, that is like saying Japanese are not Chinese, ach c'mon don't urinate on me leg and tell me its raining, a blind man on a galloping horse with saber in hand won't notice the difference if indeed there was one.

In the 80's Old Knudsen became an Iranian cleric, he studied at a Madras and then at a Vindaloo near Waterloo. It was actually a cover because the Iranians were bad then and Saddam was a friend and the British Intelligence Agency Service (BIAS) noticed that Iran had the letters IRA in it and since the Irish Republican Army (IRA) and the Iranians both carried out attacks on mainland England then maybe there was a connection.

The only connection I could find was they were all pedos who would kill and bully anyone they could in the name of a type of pseudo religion they had created to suit themselves.

Old Knudsen had hoped they had forgotten the Battle of Thermopylae in 191 BC in which we kicked their Persian Arab arses, sure we may have died in body but we won in spirit. Old Knudsen doesn't mind dying in glorious battle sometimes, don't knock it until you try it.

Did you know the presidential elections in Iran were fixed? yeah a real shock huh? I feel so let doon by Mahmoud Ahmadickejad. He assured me that 110% voting turn out was normal and if 10,000 people live in a region of course you can have 30,000 votes if you apply algebrak mathematics as invented by the Persians 300 years ago.

I went and threw some half bricks in protest to show them how it was done and I got nabbed.

Old Knudsen is looking for prison visitors with *files* up their holes, tell me ma get me out of here but after the shower.

*As in the ones you saw through metal with, no showing off what you can put up there MJ*


MJ said...

What makes you think I have flies up my hole?

I DO bathe from time to time, you know.

Donn said...

I have a pertinent question to ask at this point in time..

..why is it that President Ahneedajob is only 3 feet tall and sounds like he swallows Helium when a few decades ago back in 191 BC, the Persian GOD/KING Xerxes was a tattooed 9 foot tall Transexual behemoth whose voice was much deeper than Darth Vaders!!?

What the hell has happened to the Persians? Does Iran/Contra have anything to do with this?

Anonymous said...

I agree on this: Stiff nippled oriental women with oiled buttocks are always more interesting than lousy dictators.

M@ said...

Actually, they say that only half of Iranians are Persians and the other half are Arabs, Kurds and monkeys.