Monday, 1 June 2009

30 People Go On Trip To The Hospital

Mong's Kok Gets Burned In Attack.

Two bottles of acid were thrown into a crowd in a popular shopping district in downtown Hong Kong injuring 30 people.

It was the second such attack in five months in the neighborhood despite the picture above there have been no clues as to who did it.

People in the Mong Kok district had been splashed with acid, though police Superintendent Leung Ka-ming would not confirm what liquid was thrown. It probably contained high amounts of lead .

Mong Kok, which means "busy corner" in Chinese, its just beside Mong Kont which means "mentally retarded gurl's vadge."

A reward of $12,900 for information leading to an arrest has been posted by the Slick clit police department.
Leung Ka-Ming (pronounced 'Lunger ming') hopes that will be enough to save his kok from any more damage.


MJ said...

Is this down the street from Mein Kampf?

Donn Coppens said...

The asshat who did it is Sum Ting Wong...
now where's my 12 Grand?