Sunday, 3 May 2009

One Party One People One Leader

Shortly after the execution of 300 Republican party members who refused to wear black shirts and learn how to goose-step Rush Limbaugh the unofficial Republican party spokesman blamed the swine flu epidemic on those who reject Intelligent design, sexual abstinence out of marriage unless its with him and Illegal ghey immigrants who want to get married.

Limbaugh who has never fully gotten over his baby getting abducted and ate by dingoes in 1932 and an addiction to pain medications such as Asperin and Budweiser lite foamed at the mouth as he spewed forth his bile.

The ground zero for the flu has been narrowed doon to two ghey beaners known only as Hose-A and Hose-B who may or may not work for Osama Bin Laden.

Limbaugh has demanded that they be burned alive on a cross as an example and patrol dogs with frikkin laser beams on their heads patrol the border until a wall is built .

Well Old Knudsen doesn't know about you lot but to him it kinda makes sense or is it the varnish that Old Knudsen is huffing speaking?

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MJ said...

Are those the matching outfits Donn brought back from Mexico for the pair of you?

Nuzzer Happenstance said...


God told me that Rush is one of the few people on Earth that it is OK to absolutely hate. Despite being a hypocrite of biblical proportions, the great unwashed of the Far Wrong suckle on his teat.

Now personally I don't quite understand why anyone would listen to any of the bullsh*t that he spews but then again I graduated from Elementary School.

Now Rush obviously thrives on negative attention and far be it for me to deny him his simple pleasures but when his listeners number in the tens of millions, one needs to seriously consider the consequences. It should be made clear, if you agree with Rush then you cannot participate in the democracy because you need to be an adult.

America should set up an island prison like Australia and ship all of these malcontented f*cktards over there where they can entertain themselves and worship their big fat liar of a messiah.

Old Knudsen said...

MJ So Gheyo!

nuzzer America was a prison, Britain in all its greatness sent convicts and cult members by the thousands, explains a lot.