Thursday, 21 May 2009

Creepy Nosferatu Pope

Pope Benedict XVI if that is indeed his real name went to the middle east on an 8 day visit with the hope to bring peace to the most violent and most holy place in the world.

Old Knudsen doesn't want to get into the whole Protestant Pope bashing thing for the sake of if but he will cos its fucking odd.
This 82 year-old Bavarian .............. German in other words, ex Hitler youth who wear clothes that cost more than most make in a year has the presence and the charm of Nosferatu. He even sounds like a vampire.

I wouldn't trust my kid to this cunt never mind my soul. Lets clear something up about the Hitler youth the youths were made to join. The Hilter youth and what old men that could hold a rifle were the last line of defense in Berlin. Since Hitler who was only a socialist in name he was intent on destroying Germany.

In the Pope's memoirs To all the boys I've loved before he says he was in the Hitler Youth but the Vatican then cums out and says, oh no he was never in it. WTF? just admit it. I seem to recall a story of how he surrendered to allied troops but claimed to have never done any fighting.

Can you believe a Fenian? Old Knudsen has found that even while under torture they will lie, disgusting I say.

I liked the other guy more, ya know the pedo shuffler. Step right up and guess under what parish the pedo priest will be assigned to. People loved John Paul not just because he was retarded (see famous kill birdy pic above) but because he could smile and look friendly, Ratzinger doesn't even have a friendly sounding last name.

Fuck ze Jews are burning ............. I mean boring. Always complaining about something, blah blah rocket attacks, blah blah he said killed 6000 Jews and not murdered .

What can the Vatican do? they can't even stop a blasphemous Tom Hanks film. The Vatican is re-shaping itself in the mould of the Republican party.

Go right wing, get rid of weaklings. Pedos, holocaust deniers all welcome even the odd Nazi here and there. Say stupid things and then do damage control cos you are so fucked in the head and out of touch.

The next Pope should be across between the current one and Sarah Palin just imagine what an uncaring selfrighteous pompus prick that would be.

Save the earth and follow the Vatican no not God me, yes do as I say and not what I do. Some old farts played office politics so therefore God talks through me.


Tachaé said...

ugly bastard,

him and sarah palin would have such demonic crossbreeds ...

MJ said...

Can you believe a Fenian?

No, you can’t believe a Fenian.

Which is why I don’t believe that Manuel has left the building.

Leah said...

Ratzinger...a name almost as awful as my own awful German maiden name...

mago said...

Hey, be careful, he was head of inquisition for years ...

Old Knudsen said...

tachae thats what the world needs more mongs.

MJ hes having a tough time as his personal itch flares up at this time of the year, he'll be back.

leah was it Goebbles or Himmler or something?

Mago I heard he used his penis as an instrument of torture in Ireland.

Xmichra said...

I am glad someone else thinks the new pope (that's what we call him) is a vampire. seriously, dude looks corrupt!

John Paul was a nice man. Too bad about his later years and being senile.

Palin in robes is just wrong

mago said...

John Paul was an ultra-orthodox man, but he had one thing on his side: He was real. There was no mimikry, no "as if", no false: He believed what he saied and given his history, the history he lived through, and the special Polish catholicity (is that a right word? "Katholizität" in German) he could not be an other man - he could only be the way he was.
Ratzinger, sorry Benedict, is different. He is in a way a technocrat of institutionalized faith or religion, more Ignatius of Loyola and less Franciscus de Assisi. But he is intelligent and reflected enough to realize this. It will be interesting to see his further actions.

Just Another Faceless Commenter said...

"the most violent and most holy place in the world"

Coincidence? I think not.

Donn Coppens said...

This is shocking..I had no idea that the Pope's Clothes were so expensive. So that's where all that money goes.