Thursday, 21 May 2009

As The Balkans "Live Long And Ethnic Cleanse ."

US Vice-President Joe Biden while on his three-day tour of the Balkans said, "The success of an independent Kosovo is a priority for our administration." He then went on to say "When Joe Biden grew up in Scranton he didn't have no independence , when King George the third put the screws on Joe Biden, Joe Biden got his pals Mack the knife and legs Malone and went down to the town square and rolled up their sleeves and declared their Independence. Joe Biden was not afraid when 50 armed and ready Minutemen marched up to Joe Biden and told Joe Biden to surrender, "We ain't surrendering to you mugs" yelled Joe Biden and Joe Biden proceeded with minimum help from Joe Biden's pals to box Minuteman ears."

To which he received several standing ovations from Kosovo MPs.

Mr Biden became the most senior US official to visit Kosovo since it declared independence in February 2008.

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mago said...

I wish to make clear that the Balcans are not Europe. We should build fortified border facilities and let them alone.