Monday, 20 November 2017

The Tories Need Artificial Intelligence

You've got Boris Johnson helping to get a British citizen released from an Iranian prison the same way as a toddler helps you with the housework. Former Tory MP Priti Patel meeting with Israel while on holiday and not telling the Foreign Office. Then Philip Hammond the Chancellor of the Exchequer saying on TV that there are NO unemployed people in the UK. Like his bank account if it's under 2 million it's small change and not worth talking about. 

Then of course there is the Tory fearless strong and stable leader Theresa May. The person who thinks that paying the DUP to agree with her is a smart move cos the DUP are always so fucken agreeable. 

At the time of this post there is still no working government in Northern Ireland. Big surprise. 

 Sex on a stick

No wonder the Tories have earmarked £75m of the budget into Artificial Intelligence research. Perhaps they really want to control the Internet and public opinion like the Russians did during Bexit and the US presidential election 2016 ... or they just want some better good smarts.

They need all the help they can get. Have they always been this stupid but now with social media and news everywhere we are just seeing it more?

National treasures, both screwed the miners/minors in their own way

Like how years ago sexual harassment went unnoticed because no one had a platform to tell their story but now everyone is a sexual predator ... we knew that about the Tories but harassing women. Straight sexual harassment is new for them or at least us finding out about it. 

The Tories giving the nation's money away hope this will help realise their dream of having driver-less cars in the UK by 2021. Why the fuck would you need your hands free for a boring car journey ... never mind I think I know.

We can fund the NHS or the military ... ah fuck it wouldn't driver-less cars be cool? ... says every voter.

China has already got a driver-less bus in operation and the US continues with the testing. Can driver-less anything work in the UK? Would you trust it?

Small short roads, roundabouts and a barely functioning Google maps that has houses either not on it or somewhere completely different or why Old Knudsen gets exhausted couriers at his door. Yes my house does appear 80 metres away on Google maps cos the numbering system is all fucked up. I ask people if they need directions and laugh when they smugly say they have a GPS.

The US has this problem because of all the new tract homes that keep popping up. My house was built in the 60's for fucks sake, this is just the usual UK fail.

Driver-less vehicles will only be for rich people. Can any "normal" folk afford those Tesla cars? Mechanics need degrees to be able to fix yer car these days. Yeah that part to repair your car will be £2,000 and will take 3 weeks to get here, hope your insurance covers it. 

UK drivers are terrible. They cut you off, pull a GTA 5 u-turn on a busy road, forget the rules of the roundabout or just don't look. Asshole is another word I'd use. Old Knudsen turned off the voice recording on his dash cam as he was shocked by the language. 

Driver-less vehicles might do ok on motorways or other long stretches but add in a few white vans, people with Jesus fish on their Audi, Jag drivers then you'll have a perfect storm for an accident. Sending yer kid on a school field trip is already risking death but I'm sure they'll be safe without a driver.

What would be nice would be to spend a few million on the fucken potholes.   

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