Monday, 16 October 2017

Iran's Hidden Nukes

We know that North Korea tried to help Syria build a nuclear reactor but are they helping Iran? We haven't seen Ri Man-gon or Kim Rak-gyom recently, North Korea's two main "Rocketmen" ... yeah I doubt they are in Iran as that place is doing fine on its own and doesn't even want nukes.

When you are crazy and don't mind a bit of slaughter you don't need nukes to act the big man. The two NK rocketmen are probably working on Kim Jong-Un's rockets as he must have used all his up in the Trump pissing contest.

What's that, a Japanese plane? A fly by in honor of me no doubt, why is it getting closer? 

Perhaps they are preparing a "special" rocket for when Trump visits Japan in November, that would be nice.

Iran have had a nuclear reactor for a while now, in fact it was the first civilian nuclear power plant built in the Middle East and was officially opened in 2011.

The Iranian deal limits Iran's nuclear program in exchange for sanctions being lifted. There was also a payment of  $400 million which GOP loud mouths go on about as much as Benghazi and e-mails.

That $400 mil was a payment the Shah of Iran made just before his 1979 eviction. The US was to sell him weapons but after the revolution they just held onto the money ... which was paid in many different foreign currencies like Swiss francs and Euros.  The Iranians wanted $12 billion so not the bad deal that Trump keeps saying it was.

The deal was reached with Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the United States. If you read the news you'd think it was only America that did it. All his talk about walking away from it will only hurt the US as Iran and many other nations stand by the deal.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei explained the whole "Death to America" thing by saying: 

"Obviously by 'Death to America', we don't mean death to the American people. The American nation is just like the rest of the nations. It ... means death to U.S. policies and its arrogance."

The US would never say death to a nation ... well perhaps destroy a nation with fire and fury but North Korea are asking for it am I right? 

Tom Cotton enjoying Lollapalooza

You want a plot twist? The only people worried about Iran are Trump and the semi-retarded Senator Tom Cotton. They want you to be afraid. Cotton because he's a dick who wants attention and Trump because it stops you talking about Russia and gets you off his back for throwing kitchen roll to disaster victims which he still doesn't see what the problem was.

Kendall Jenner stopped a riot with Pepsi, heads up losers think fast!

He can't goad NK right now as Tillerson is trying to undo some damage in the far east so he picks on the other traditional bad guy, no not Albania ... though they have been very quiet lately, a little too quiet.  

Think about this, if Iran was up to shit and were trying to enrich weapons grade uranium would Israel be waiting around for the US to do something? The US might be the most powerful nation in the world but that doesn't mean it has the best military. 

They can't do covert missions without a helicopter or heli-plane braking down and the navy is in a sorry state of repair and is overworked. Morale is at an all time low. 

Israel didn't think the US was tough enough when it did Operation Orchard which destroyed a secret nuke facility in Syria in 2007 but before that there was Operation Opera which destroyed a nuclear reactor under construction in Iraq in 1981. 

The Iranians actually tried to blow it up in an airstrike in 1980 with Operation Scorch Sword but only damaged it a little. 

Israel are tough mean motherfuckers and have far better HUMINT in the sand box than their US counterparts. 

If Iran was a nuclear danger right now or even thought about warheads then Israel would attack. Of course attacking them is way more dangerous than Syria or Iraq which is why they haven't. 

A war with Iran would unite other Arabs with Iran and they would certainly bomb back. Military action in Israel is difficult to get. The 1981 bombing of Iraq was a struggle to get approved. You have to have the overall agreement of the cabinet first and Netanyahu doesn't have the backing of many of the national security elite.    

Also a deal with the US is in Israel's best interest. While Netanyahu doesn't like it the ones with the power to veto do.  

It's a more moderate government in Iran now ... still assholes but ones that can mostly be reasoned with. 

Trump is playing into the hands of the hardliners that are always on the edge waiting to seize power in Iran. The raghead versions of Tom Cotton. 

Cotton thinks Iran is on its knees because it accepted the deal and thinks you should crush them into the ground as soon as you see weakness. He's been to war and didn't learn a fucken thing. If he wasn't a Senator he'd be hoarding guns and fertilizer.   

The hardliners want nothing better than the US to break its word. We all know Trump is gagging to destroy it as Obama set it up but is he willing to go to war over it? I doubt it. 

Any excuse or insult at Iran is a reason for some hardliners to keep playing games of tag and chicken in the Strait of Hormuz with western boats. 

Iran doesn't have any hidden nukes and Trump is playing a dangerous game like he is with North Korea. It's really bad when the despots and dictators become the ones you rely on to keep a cool head for world peace. 

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