Monday, 20 February 2017

Decoding Trump Speak

"Last night two people dead, authorities don't have a clue no one knows what's going on, Refugees from Europe maybe Germany or Sweden."

What that means is he watched Sleepy Hollow on the Fox network and the Barghest, a European wolf demon gave him bad dreams that he has mistaken for reality. 

When asked a question on what he intends to do about the 48 threats against Jewish centers across the US he only hears antisemitism and stops listening thinking it's an attack on him. This leads to bullying whoever asked it. 

"I'm not antisemitic, I'm not racist I love the Jews, my son-in-law is a kike, he's married to my hot daughter Ivanka, she says I'm better in bed than him, everybody says I'm amazing in bed, big crowds watch me pump her sweet pussy." 

Abusers always accuse others of that they themselves are guilty of so when he screams DISHONEST MEDIA and FAKE NEWS it's him that's doing it. 

The Bowling Green massacre, the Atlanta attack, the Sweden incident ... misspeaking several times over or as we used to call it LIES!   

 How wrong can one person be? 

He holds press conferences to tell the nation and the world how successful he is. Why would you need to do that, wouldn't your sucess be evident? .... oh that's right the media isn't covering it. 

The media are only interested in the constant leaks, the 6 people fired for failing FBI background checks, the traitorous ex General who resigned and the firing of Craig Deare the head National Security Council's Western Hemisphere division for complaining about Trump's rocky start with Mexico and that Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner make decisions without talking to the NSC.

I believe the media has covered his successes such as the hundreds of families broken up by deportation.... still not as much as Obama though who was nicknamed the Deporter in Chief.   

They also covered his lack of tax returns and fact check shit he says ... not cool. 

When Trump tells the media he's looking into something that means that his boss Steve Bannon hasn't told him about it. Look at Trump's face, the man is clueless. Alzheimers within 5 years you'll see. 

When asked what he'll do about the Russia spy ship off the Delaware coast he doesn't reassure the people that the US Navy are keeping an eye on it or anything, he gets all defensive and more or less says, "I'm not telling so there" as if whatever he decides would actually stun or surprise the far more clever than him Russians. 

Has Trump done more in his first 4 weeks than anyone? It seems so because he tells everyone and is a fucken attention hoor showing off his yuge signed book to the cameras. The facts are that he has signed less than Obama in the same amount of time and things like The Affordable health care act otherwise known as Obamacare can't just be done away with in one signing.

The Affordable Care Act helped more than 20 million previously uninsured Americans get health coverage. It had its problems, mostly down to lobby groups with politicians on both sides in their pockets but can you see Trump's people come up with something better?

As president he gets more tokens at rallies

Why is Trump doing a rally in Florida? He doesn't need to do them anymore he won for fucks sake. Wikileaks and the Russians helped him take down Hillary, the jobs a good un.

I suspect that he does fuck all at the White House and Pence, Bannon, Kushner and Mattis do most of the thinking. Even General Kelly has to come up with 3 new ideas to round up immigrants every week. 'Uh curfew, national guard, micro chipping ... you aren't going to do these right? I was told they were just ideas.' 

He wants to get back to a happier time when no one asked him really hard questions and he could just insult Hillary, he wants to surround himself with like minded morons who will give him validation.

Every civilian killed in combat creates 40 new enemies. Every Trumptard infected with stupid will shout down at least 40 Liberal snowflakes.

Cut off one head they'll still have two cos Trumpers are inbred fuckers.

Trump is saturating the news, soon there will be only Trump. The Kremlin got concerned that Trump was getting name checked in Russia way more than Putin ... I guess he wants some credit now.

The Russians are making up stories of rape to make NATO look bad, doesn't that sound like something Trump would do? Loyal Trumptards still refuse to see the connection ... or they are all just FUCKEN TRAITORS TOO!!!!!  

Alt-right, alternative facts, fake news and misspoke ... we need to call these Neo-Nazis, lies, lies and more lies instead of using their Trumpy newspeak terms.

When we start talking like the bad guy the slide to full on bad guy isn't too far and all of a sudden we don't mind immigrants getting trampled on because Merica!  

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