Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Will We Even Notice WWIII?

A US warship fired warning flares at 4 Iranian fast attack boats that were approaching the USS Mahan in international waters. They came within 800 meters of them.  

800 meters, talk about being touchy. In Oct 2016 missiles fired from a ground base in Yemen towards 3 US ships caused them to return fire on the Iran-backed Houthi rebels. They think the rebels used small boats to spot for a target so maybe this is why they are touchy.

The US supports the Saudi Arabia attacks in Yemen as that poor fucked up country is of strategic importance. It's a pawn and no one cares who dies there as long as they aren't white. 

I cannot state enough how important this strait is

Being around the corner from the Strait of Hormuz and on the Gulf of Aden, Yemen is a key place to launch drones from until the US friendly and propped up government had to flee thus forcing the US to set up in Somalia instead.
When Trump becomes president expect nations like Russia, Iran, China, Israel and maybe Syria take the piss with something to see how he'll react. 

You can go on about Russian interference in elections but the US have interfered in foreign elections 81 times since 1946. Yemen and Ukraine being recent ones unless you include the places the US have invaded and set up governments in.

While Russia is helping France pick the right candidate to lead them Sweden is getting anxious. For years they have been trying to justify increasing military spending with Russia as their potential threat. They have now told local authorities to prepare for procedures for going to war.

Pakistan has successfully tested its first submarine-launched cruise missile. Pakistan have accused India of spying while India has accused Pakistan of breaking their border ceasefire that killed 19 Indian troops.

Georgia is slowly getting swallowed up by Russia as they move borders and help pro-Russian people form their own states inside of states that became independent from Russian, like the Crimea in Ukraine somewhat. Or the Sudetenland that Hitler annexed in 1938. 

There are travel advisories for Abkhazia and South Ossetia as they are not safe for tourists. These are the two contested areas in Georgia. If you live there then be Russian or get out, that's the choice. 

Russia usually reacts to things but over the past few years they have been planning and infiltrating all throughout the EU and beyond.  

What the media fixated about was Meryl Streep getting slagged off in a tweet. Trump's tweets are designed to cause trending so you stop talking about the Russian hack and him mocking a disabled person. If in doubt mention building a wall or have a flunky say something.

During this outrage over some chick who is good at pretending for a living, Trump gave a top adviser job to his son-in-law and put another old white male bigot in charge of something he didn't have any experience in.

Trump waves his tiny right hand and picks yer pocket with his left.

Trump is also met with Jack Ma, the very very rich chairman of the Chinese e-commerce site Alibaba. He plans on creating a million new jobs in the US by using Ma's website to sell to China.

80% of Chinese online purchases are made on the Alibaba platform. So this is like Trump and Ma cornering the market huh. Money will be made from taxes and whatever cut Trump gets so he makes sure his buddy can do business with ease and get that other 20%.

Soybeans, electronic parts, plastics, copper, paper are the big US exports to China. They assemble stuff and sell it back to the US. Don't look on this as a Trump win, if Obama hadn't set up US/China relations in 2010 which was more successful that expectations there wouldn't be this trade.

Of course the main reason everything gets made in China is because of China's poor business regulations and employee care. They aren't better at making stuff for fucks sake.

Trump is making sure he snubs the leader of Taiwan while she vistis the US as China doesn't like the US talking to them. Ted Cruz met her however because he's low enough down to do so. Trump pointed out that he didn't meet with her and China said you aren't getting any fucken brownie points ball bag, yer expected not to meet with her.

They said it in Chinese of course.

The US sells Taiwan Blackhawk helicopters, Patriot missiles, and other military hardware in defiance of China but you have to pretend not to see it ... politics is so fucked up. If China ever invades Taiwan as they threaten to do then the shit would really hit the fan, this would not stay as a Chinese thing.

Taiwan being a part of China wants to be separate but China wants to unite, it's complicated. If Taiwan gets too big for it's boots and looks like it is closer to being free then China would indeed attack.

Look up from the divisive tweets now and again, there is huge world of shit happening, real shit, life and death shit. If you don't then you will live in a bubble like the Hollywood elite or the rich people in government.

While a new US president is always a worrying thing because they don't know what they'll be like we can already say what this one will be like.

 "This guy here hates fags and I respect that about him"

He is a thin skinned egomaniac that can be manipulated easily to either outrage or support. He wants to look strong to make up for the fact he is weak in other ways.

The guy that takes the dare because backing down is not an option. He'll claim every failure a victory and will lie and brag when he wasn't even involved. He breaks promises and changes his mind on a whim.

Making money is his goal, looking strong is his goal. When does he ever talk about improving healthcare or education? He talks about destroying healthcare. Education is scamming people looking to better themselves at a dodgy Trump university. 
He doesn't know what his voters have to deal with but he does not what they don't like and he can work with that.       


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