Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Scattered Showers And A Chance Of Terrorism

The Bush invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan was the best ever boost recruitment to al Qaeda ever! They provoked the US with 9/11 and the US played into their hands by giving them someone to physically fight on the ground.

Invasions of homelands stirs up more than just some Islam radicalism it makes enemies that weren't there before.

Trump with his anti-Muslim travel ban that allegedly puts Christians first will stir up yet more American hatred and even more Christian persecution, yay ta go Trump.

A 90 day suspension of people from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen come under Trump's ban. That's 6 countries the US has bombed and one country it has tried to not provoke as that could lead to WWIII. Those in the air at the time of the ban were caught out by this, even if they were US residents.

 I'm sorry but white people don't seem to care so fuck off

A suspension of the US Refugee Admissions Programme for 120 days. This fucked over the agreement the US had going on with Australia but who cares? When Trump has a whim things happen.

An indefinite ban on Syrian refugees  .... he said he'd show priority to Christian refugees. This discriminatory idea that points out Muslims as being second class people is kinda just talk considering how few Christians there are and well there is a ban on right now so fuck them too.       

Cabin crew were barred from entering the cuntry. A dual citizen like say an Iranian/British person can't enter the US either. The British government says they can but they'll be detained ....  that'll show the terrorists who are all laughing right now.

Other Presidents have barred some nationalities over the years. Obama put a ban on Iraqis for 6 months because slack procedures let some al Qaeda terrorists in. Obama has in fact deported 2.5 million people during his 2 terms.

Bill Clinton had a terrible human rights record when it came to immigration. He used the Oklahoma City bombing to get laws passed and that atrocity was done by a white American Catholic veteran, not someone from the Middle East.

Clinton turned back Cuban refugee boats and returned Haitian refugees to the brutal dictatorship they were in danger from. 

Old Knudsen looks at others and says, 'there go I but for the grace of Gog' and counts his blessings. Then he gets angry at people in their nice comfortable chairs with their central heating and cup of tea calling refugees swarms, illegal or terrorists. 

These people who have had the fuck bombed out of them and have nothing but the self righteous keyboard warrior kicks them when they are down. 

The US has probably doubled its enemies since Trump got to work. There will be more, there will be bloody attacks because those in the US right now see how they are second class citizens even if they are working hard to be American as it will never be enough.    

Add to that the mosque that was burned down at the weekend and the slaughter in Canada. More on the way and it looks like Trump is trying to tip both sides over to all out breaking point as that would strength his agenda.  


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