Tuesday, 6 December 2016

The Truth Won't Set You Free

People protest me wanting to lay some pipe too ... MOAR SAGE!

I ask the difficult questions cos you don't want to offend and get shouted at IN CAPS!!!!! Such as why does Sherlock and Watson have blogs? Blogging was well dead by 2010 for fucks sake. Only mums obsessed by what their stoopid children do and other losers that can't shut up still have blogs. 

In case yer wondering little Timmy has just started to eat solids and can already say, "suck my nuts" I'll upload the 3 hour video I took this morning. He's so cute ... for a pinhead obviously ... damn you Zika!!!

On the 4th of October 2016 I posted about a dodgy FB page, something like Native American Culture or Heritage or some shite. I wondered how Johnny Depp looked 10 years younger but was wearing a Standing Rock t-shirt. I found and put the original into the comments as I doubted very much they were giving money to the cause. 
Even after my pics people were asking about the merchandise. They want to believe and to wear something that looks like they give a shit. I still have my 'Free Nelson Mandela' t-shirt cos he was only a bit of a terrorist. 

Eventually media outlets caught on about these t-shirt groups and found the pages to be run from the Far East and Eastern Bloc cuntries. If only they had listened to Old Knudsen and it wouldn't take them a month to catch on.

   There's too much plastic waste in the ocean I'm too sad to come into work today. 

Old Knudsen dislikes uber liberals as much as he does uber conservatives. They are soo similar in outlook. Facts or context gets ignored if it clashes with their world view. Conservatives will gladly sacrifice children to school shooters as long as they can have guns but if you touch their flag ... oh boy. 

Liberals see a black man shot by police and don't even want to know if he has a gun or not. It's the trendy cause not the facts! ... yes homeless Llamas is a worthy cause to support as is help for disabled seagulls. 

Neither lot can laugh at themselves. Also if you question their cause or make light of what they just said even though they were joking themselves you get turned upon. What started as light banter becomes 50 comments with facts from um ... the Internet. 

Alex Jones says Hillary runs a child sex ring from a pizza shop ... crazy falls for crazy all the time. Trump rapes and assaults females and brags about it. Ach just locker room rapes what about Hillary killing people that go to testify against her? that's more important, I saw a Youtube about it ... yet the all powerful Clintons cannot stay in the Whitehouse.   

Gog forbid you question the authenticity of anything that says Native American. "They were victims of genocide, they need our love" .... Firstly they did a fair bit of killing too, kept slaves and hey, first come doesn't mean you own the fucken place. Yes atrocities were carried out against them but what about the atrocities of today such as the tribes that didn't get casinos? 

The public are just starting to take an interest in the Red River Women after years of ignoring them. Still no protests with fake celebs pics though but they got a sculpture ... 20 cold cases of murder and disappearance. 

 Star of the hulk movies Will Smith. 

"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize" ~ Voltaire

Jesus, The Pope, Nelson Mandela, Ronald Reagan, One Direction, IRA Hunger Strikers, dead soldiers, sports stars and that crappy singer Leonard Cohen. Better not say anything remotely negative or you'll get death threat e-mails in green text.    

As Jesus said, "Some people will believe anything and they will not appreciate it when you aren't as gullible as they are" 

People set the stage, they give power to words and they define who or what is appropriate to criticize or question. There are no hard and fast rules as they are mostly made up by personal issues, copying what you've seen or what you think the cool kids are doing. I know this because what one person might do ... such as deleting thousands of e-mails when trying the trick the world into invading Iraq might be fine and just gets ignored. 
If another does it but it's a woman she is therefore an easier target right? (subconsciously) then we should JAIL HER!!!!!

Or why I don't listen to most people. While they think they are fine, sane, rational it always seems to be Old Knudsen with the issues and the problem. He's wrong, biased or just doesn't understand. Oh he understands, he just doesn't really give a shit and is amused at how wound up you get by it all. 

Ever hear someone say 'you are too close to it'? that means you cannot see the issue with clarity or objective thinking. It sometimes takes an outsider to see the obvious and the bigger picture. 

You know you have issues with logic when you like Trump but ignore how he treats people, if you like Obama but ignore his war crimes with drones, if you like Castro but ignore the executions and lack of elections. At least acknowledge the bad shit so others can see just what yer willing to put up with, don't say "well they aren't as bad as so and so" cos that logic is dumb.    

I don't like animal cruelty but enjoy eating animals. It doesn't get much more cruel than raising animals for food. Animals aren't as intelligent as humans so it's alright. 7 billion people on the planet and 6.5 billion of them are pretty dumb, can we not start eating them too? 

I'm not even gonna mention how fake this is, yes all the priests have logos on their dresses ... not! 

Pope Francis is great cos he smiles .... he only hates gheys a little and didn't hide as many pedos as John Paul II or Ratzinger. He did make a saint of yon fella that converted those injuns and yon bint that killed the poor people ... but he smiles and reminds people of some lovely old relative.  His eyes have stopped smiling though cos he's dead inside. 

Different topics trigger different buttons in people and it's very telling what they believe and how they project onto others. If you don't fall for their shit then you have obviously fallen for the media lies. 

Example of how Old Knudsen works. He supports the enemy of his enemy when there is no other choice. Often it's not an ideal world so he adapts and doesn't make his dreams or wishes his reality. 

He'll back Hillary and even Israel but never ignores the bad shit, he'll be loyal as long as that person or cause deserves it . He won't gush for hours nor will he dismiss the truth. I can like Captain Kirk (in the original series) yet still think that Shatner is a bit of a knob. 

Truth is often a product of perceptions and there is no one truth at times. If you sugar coat it or make excuses for it then you just aren't asking the right questions mostly of yerself.  Why aren't you willing to see?


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