Thursday, 3 November 2016

No longer The Wars For Oil But For Real Estate

The first Gulf War was about oil. We went to war against Iraq to protect Kuwaiti oil .... very noble. Iraq itself is said to have the second largest oil field in the Middle East after Saudi Arabia. What about Afghanistan? That's a piss poor cuntry yet it's funny how throughout the centuries it keeps getting invaded from the time of Alexander.

 Beautiful and worth protecting.

Besides gold, uranium, copper, cobalt, lithium and iron ore, Afghanistan has (according to the U.S. Geological Survey) an estimated 36 trillion cubic feet of natural gas and 3.6 billion barrels of oil in underground reserves. 

 Seriously, is it really worth it?

The Afghanistan Oil Pipeline has the Trans-Afghanistan gas pipeline running beside it that goes to India and Pakistan. The Iraq war was about dishing out its oil and the Afghanistan war is about protecting the pipeline and of course both are about controlling the flow of resources and money.

Not being able to work with the Tallyban the US had to go in. The truth is that a war on terrorism makes as much sense as a war on drugs. Might as well declare war on nose picking. What the wars did was increase the price of oil by 50%.

Every little invasion or embassy bombing hikes up the price of oil because the stock markets are to do with belief and what might happen rather than actual supply and demand.

Times change and we've had a fracking boom and other new ways to extract oil and gas. Saudi Arabia used to be the main player in town with the most oil. It had western nations jumping when it said to jump.
Like I said times change and even the Saudis realised this and have been looking around in other things to invest in because a nation relying on one main product (oil) might have worked 15 years ago but not now.  

That right there should scare you and clue you in that things are now looking good for the future of the kingdom. They'll still be very extremely rich (well some of them) but not insanely can't touch this rich.

The balance of power is shifting and that usually means that scared people with nuke codes and drones do crazy things

Until the last few years the US has sat on its natural reserves content to use up the resources of other nations perhaps with the view of being the last man standing. Now you have the US using its reserves.

In 2014 the US passed Saudi as being the world's largest oil producer.

  Go on Obama, tell me about how you love the environment. 

The US goes into cuntries, takes what it wants, fucks them up but good and then leaves it for NATO to clean up and look after for the next 30 years. All the while keeping a low key US troop presence... but they NEVER leave completely.  

In the US there are pipelines for gas, oil, petrol, jet fuel and volatile chemicals. If a terrorist wanted to fuck up the infrastructure they'd blow up or set fire to a few pipelines on one of their thousands of unguarded miles in the middle of nowhere. 
An explosion on a petrol pipeline in Alabama killed one and injured seven. It also has sparked fears in the market about rising petrol prices. If just one pipeline could cause panic just think what a planned attack could achieve.  

 See that? That's my second house paid for.

If I was cynical I'd say how easy it would be to increase prices by having a few "accidents" but no one is ever going to consider doing that .....right?   That would be like invading two cuntries that had nothing to do with a terrorist attack and then going on to invade a few more while yer in the area and rising the price of oil for yer buddies. A cuntish thing to do, luckily mankind is better than that.

Looks like you'll have to target ISIS now and leave Assad alone.

The bottom line is that with wars dragging on and slowly but surely becoming political poison there has to be other reasons than 'just' oil. Lets have some outrage at what ISIS gets up to and also lets prep for a war against someone who hasn't been our enemy until 2007. 

The US decided to set up a missile system in Poland pointing at Russia ... flashbacks to the Cuban missile crisis here. When Obama came into power he got along with puppet Russian president Dmitry Medvedev but then daddy Putin came home again. 

The US/Russian reset button that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov symbolically pressed didn't last very long with Russia complaining of US interference as Hillary promoted fracking to its neighbours in order to weaken Russian by weaning the border nations off Russian energy. The expansion of NATO also concerns Russia too. 

Russia does its shit in places like Georgia in 2008 and then has to put its own missiles pointing at Poland. Then the Snowden thing and a Russian sub patrolling the Gulf of Mexico without being noticing by the US. Lots of poking and goading as well at the invasion of Crimea. 

Russia doesn't like the US seeing what it does so the Russians going into Syria was karma cos then the US had to behave itself and do what it was pretending to do. 

Obama during a debate with John McCain in 2008: 

  "America has been reactive for eight years but should be proactive with Russia.  American policy must be more strategic: Part of the job of the next commander-in-chief, in keeping all of you safe, is making sure that we can see some of the 21st century challenges and anticipate them before they happen."

The wars for the control of oil is still waging but has less relevance. Now the control for strategical footholds across the world is on. Obama had decided that Russia was the enemy even before getting into office. 

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