Tuesday, 15 November 2016

I'm All Right Jack

When many in the UK voted to remain in the EU were told to shut up and stop whining because we had lost the vote and should accept the will of the people (not the people in Northern Ireland or Scotland though) I was annoyed. Great, the English are yet again sticking to the regions they've fucked over, raped and murdered for centuries.

I can understand the Welsh siding with the English as The Tudors were from Wales and Wales was the first to bend over for the English ... unlike Scotland and Ireland which had to be beat into submission ... they never got that submission BTW. 

When Trump won the US elections I heard the same thing. It's democracy so you have to put up with it and accept it.

I've noticed how quiet the Brexit voters are when everything they were promised turned out to be lies yet some still defend their vote .... I guess facts had nothing to do with a bigoted vote after all. I'd be angry if I was lied to and mislead but then again I actually used thinking rather than knee jerk bigoted thinking to vote against those lies.

I don't like Milliband, I don't like Hillary I don't like foreigners in the EU, I don't like the establishment .... like I said, knee jerk.

 Smile you dumb broad ... even his photo ops has a creepy vibe about them.

Hillary barely managed to get the public/popular vote but because the Founding Fathers didn't trust democracy or the voter (only white males could vote) they set up an electoral college and made it about states rather than the people .... not very united but back then there were only a few states.  Like the gun rights in the Constitution the whole thing needs a few more amendments to suit the modern day or it'll be as silly and irrelevant to the modern 21st century as the Bible is.

Where is yer god now? .... it's all very quiet since we got camera phones huh. Talking burning bushes indeed.  
Lets watch in support with the hope that we aren't picked on.  

These same people that tell you to shut up and put up with things constantly yapped about having their guns taken away, Obama being a Muslim from Kenya, death panels for Obamacare, and held Hillary accountable for things that men have done twice as bad but never berated or held accountable for ...  the misogyny is obvious.

People actually get their information from these moron rags.

After the Brexit vote the Brexiters who for some reason still believed they were in the right complained when Judges ruled that the government had to put leaving the EU past parliament before they could leave .... um that's democracy so put the fuck up with it .... yeah the glove is on the other foot now.

 Does she even have a pussy? ... I'm not touching it.
Don't worry America, having a female leader isn't that special and hey the American male still needs his sandwiches. We had our first female Prime Minister in the 70's and she was a right bigoted arsehole. We have a female PM right now who is a turd, Northern Ireland has an anti-ghey Catholic hater turd and the only decent one is Nicola Sturgeon in Scotland even though she is in charge of a Nationalist party but she is far more of a leader then the other two combined.     

It matters far more about the person than what they are ... yeah it's the novelty factor and women having something to prove huh ....  being kept down by the man.

The Brexiters and Trumpers have pushed my buttons. If you know Old Knudsen you'd know that he hates bullies. Be it terrorists, wife beaters or angry voters looking for scapegoats because their own life sucks. 

 Bullies live in fear and doubt as much as their victims do.

Blaming others because you feel powerless, picking on others because someone did it to you and made you feel powerless .... bully psychology 101. The abused often becomes the abuser because they didn't learn or forgive themselves for imagined and perceived actions that led to them being victims. 

It wasn't your fault. 

You can be a bully or stop others from being bullied. With great power yadda yadda yadda. 

No one likes to think of themselves as the victim but those who aren't really victims will use the victim card and say how persecuted they are ..... 'oh those evil gheys are forcing me to supply flowers for their wedding even though I've sold flowers to them for years I've decided that well I like their money but they just can't be an equal, it's my conscience and belief system .... poor me.'  

I've got mine. 

When Old Knudsen was a child he had a smaller younger relative that was being bullied. The bully was bigger than Old Knudsen so his younger relative who was a nice peaceful boy didn't stand a chance. The bully was from an unruly rabble that were all wildlings.

 Suck my nuts.

I stood up for my relative as well I felt protective of him. I had a fight at school and it was the bully that got into trouble as he was no stranger to the Principal's office. Then another time the bully came after my relative and was fighting him with a crowd around him and everything. My relative was getting whopped within seconds so I stepped in and stopped it. 

I told my Da how I stopped the fight expecting a pat on the head (parental approval) or some wisdom and he asked, "what did you do that for?" ..... I never understood his question as it was just odd. It was the right thing to do of that I'm still sure. 

You sometimes need help standing up to bullies, there is no shame in it. Getting beat up does not build character for fucks sake. 

Like Old Knudsen my relative grew up and served his cuntry in dangerous places. I bet the bullies never joined up unless you count the KKK, Orange Order, Britain First, Ukip or the GOP. 

Standing up for my relative got me the attention of the bully's many cousins who were all a foot taller than Old Knudsen and more used to fights.  

With these pikey types raised by wolves the whole, 'bullies are cowards' thing doesn't apply, they laugh and beat you up more when you fight back. Old Knudsen is proud of the fact that as a child of Primary school age he still fought back even with the odds against him. 

Old Knudsen learned and strove to understand why bullies do what they do. I doubt these scumbags had decent parents, I doubt they had someone to look up to. 

Old Knudsen didn't have heroes to look up to so he found them in movies and comics and tried to be like them. Of course you get a rude awakening when you read about the real history of the Templars or General Custer but seeing that Custer wasn't like Errol Flynn taught me that heroes are just people and as Ralph Waldo Emerson said: 

   "A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is brave five minutes longer." 

Spock ya big dozy cunt, we can admire Khan but not necessarily agree with him.

I like the Templar's surcoats and the idea of riding into battle with swords at the ready but they were the ISIS of their day, just Christian.
Custer was a brilliant soldier and very brave but his vanity and ambition got the better of him then there was the whole killing unarmed men, women and children thing. The 7th Cavalry were butchers but I still loved their look. 

My heroes were not worthy. Captain Kirk is a long time hero .... don't get that confused with the guy that played him. Captain America, even Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Then you have the anti-hero like Spike or Starlord.  They do the right thing eventually when they realise there are things worth fighting for.

No hero or person is perfect but trying to be better ... there is worth in that as long as you aren't just giving it lip service. 

Communism is a failed concept but think, it was borne out of the dissatisfaction of the 1% who were leading the cuntry in Russia, no wonder the Americans feared it so. Putting the 1% up against the wall to be shot, even the British royal family took note and sorted themselves out a little.

Communism wanted everyone to have an equal share of things but you always have to have someone in charge and they'll have more and more power so the system gets abused. 

A noble concept but when everyone has nothing except for those in charge it isn't that great. Socialism is way better. You can be rich but the poor, old, sick and disabled get looked after too. It's possible to do. Scandinavian cuntries do it well .... even the UK in shit state after WWII did it. There is no excuse for Socialism to fail except those in charge trying to make it fail for their own gain.

The US could do it but it would rather be a world bully with the largest military in the world.... fuck the people huh? No wonder they are angry though like Brexit they aren't angry at the right things ... they feel powerless and so lash out .... 101 remember. 

Believing pampered wealthy people like Trump and Farage who speak for the common man ... seriously? Fuck you are dumb. How many houses does the common man have? Replacing shit with shit. 

    The greatest generation. 

In the British army 'Jack' means someone looking after himself and not caring about anyone else. 'I'm all right jack' . For instance brewing a cuppa and not making enough for your buddies, you have a jack cup of tea. Like the person that doesn't buy a round at the pub. 

Leonidas in 300 told Euthydemus that you fight for the man beside you, there is no 'I' in team even if there is one in meat pie.

The I'm all right Jack attitude is being displayed by white males the most. No one has said anything about deporting them or building a wall to keep them out. Old Knudsen being a white male is disgusted by their cowardice and how easily it is for them to turn on others and NOT do the right thing because hey, they are all right. 

I won't accept injustice, I won't shut up and put up with shit, I will keep defending the vulnerable. The majority is not necessarily the truth ... I am not a sheep. If Trump and Brexit voters are anything to go by then the majority and idiots and blinded by their issues.

I will never be someone that says Europe of Europeans or America for Americans. As Churchill said: 

 "An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last."

Don't be a bully and don't stand by and watch it happen. 


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