Friday, 10 June 2016

Try Not To Rape Anyone

A feminist enjoying some misogynistic entertainment 

Some people have a limited understanding of life such as the father of Brock Turner who thinks a 6 month jail sentence is too harsh for a 20 minute rape which I must add was interrupted. I shall endeavor to tell you what is what and hopefully some of my children will read this. I don't want to have to talk to the wee shites because have you ever tried talking to a stubborn pig headed know it all with daddy issues? ..... I mean them, not me. 

Optimism isn't a crime

Lets get this one out of the way first. It is not ok to rape someone. Unless it's prison as then you kind of expect it but otherwise NO! 

Even if you have one in the chamber, don't think you'll get caught or think yer an important person who can do whatever they want the answer is still NO!

That goes for weemen too, no raping us men when we get shit faced and vomit over ourselves. Sex is only allowed in a consensual manner. No impaired judgement and nothing implied, also a legal age is required too. 
No tricking the person into saying yes and just because you buy them dinner and they return with you to yer house that doesn't mean they want a shag or that you've kinda paid them and expect a shag .... unless they actually do want a shag of course then bang away like bunnies. 

Some people are very naive and trusting. They may also put themselves into situations where they are vulnerable. You help these people if they are in trouble and look out for them, not take advantage of them. Everyone has a brain fart at some time but some have brain farts that damage the rest of their lives and they could have done with some help at the time.

If you think that is cumming near me you can think again. 

There is a myth no doubt started by commie feminists that weemen enough sex as much as men. That just isn't true .... well not the ones I've had sex with. They hated cherished every frantic second I'm sure but when they say, "are you done then cos my show is about to start?" then you know that well maybe men like sex better. 
You can argue that weemen like quality or good sex as much as men or have to be warmed up first but we men like any kind of sex so their views about sex can in no way compare to men. Blokes don't have some magic button or spot, they have a lever which is sometimes triggered by remote control known as the brain.  

A man's foreplay is to turn up. A key in the ignition is him warmed up, he doesn't have to sit idling for 10 minutes. 
Weemen enjoy sex as much as men, just not with you or how you like it.

How can people that say, "They are just boobs, no big deal" enjoy sex as much as we men do? Even ghey men like sex more. 
Aye weemen are too busy being responsible and mature or busy scanning my cans of corned beef at the check out to give me a diddy wank. Being a gentleman and respectful of weemen I do ask first. 

While on the subject of consensual sex it's frowned upon to tell a woman she has nice tits or that you want to motorboat her once she's done feeding her baby. 

Aye my children it can be confusing. If in doubt don't do or say anything and live with the life long regret instead. 
People want compliments but have a weird way of turning yer, 'nice firm arse you have there' compliment into something creepy .... I was trying to find my loose change in my pocket when I happened to notice the arse. Maybe I have a medical reason that I have to lick my lips so much.    

While weemen should in theory want what Old Knudsen has going on you must remember to not see the opposite sex as a piece of meat to be lusted over and put into yer wank bank. 

        How would you like your eggs ..... fertilized?

 They do not work out or dress inappropriately for you or the approval of others, they do it for themselves .... aye that's a load of old bollocks but we have to pretend it's true. 

Yes Old Knudsen does 480 push ups a day because he loves how his shoulders look, fack away aff. Yes Linda wears a mini skirt and low cut top for her driving test because it makes her feel pretty.  No one wears skinny jeans because they look nice for fucks sake. They wear them because they are sheep and think they look good. 
When trends come out where do all the good clothes go? Are there loads of well dressed Africans or do they all now have them crappy low rider jeans? 

And naked selfies are a celebration of feminism .... NOT! 

No matter how erect a person makes you, you must treat them as a person that has feelings and dreams. A short skirt does not mean that a woman wants you sexually so unless told otherwise keep it and yer opinions zipped. 
How would you like it if someone you didn't know came up to you and said you looked very nice? .... well ok it sounds good and I'd love it but in reality that kind of shit gets you pepper sprayed, trust me on that. 

People should be allowed to dress how they want. They should be allowed to be whatever sexuality or religion they want to be too. They don't have to make an issue of it by demanding that everyone else does it and others shouldn't try to run their lives unless there are health and safety issues. Real ones, not made up crap. 
Don't go mixing up religion with history, that shite really bugs me. You can believe in Noah's Ark if yer a complete moron but seriously folks that shit ain't real but go for it, just don't go teaching it as fact to impressionable children that don't know any better. 

I say if people want to live how they want and aren't harming or bothering anyone else then fine. If people go out of their way to be offended then they need to shut the fuck up and ask how does it really affect their lives. 
How does a woman having an abortion effect YOUR life? Is it yer body or baby? Are you in the process of adopting as many unwanted children as you can? Then shut up! 

It's hard enough to figure out if people like you or not. Don't just assume they do or should. When you compliment someone it shouldn't just be for their looks but should be genuine and only if you have reached that level in yer relationship with them. 
Compliments shouldn't be fake or ones to butter the other up. If someone did well then tell them with no expectation of reward or even thanks, though thank you is the polite thing to say.

People have and should have the human right to live life how they want and to be who they want otherwise you'll have hatred and mental health issues as people try to be what they aren't. 

If you respect the human rights of another person then in turn your own rights need to get respect too. No demanding a person conforms or that they have sex with you because hey yer there and horny so lets go. 

You can't control how people perceive you but unless they are douchebag they should treat you with civility. 

My children, do as I say and not as I do cos I have mental health issues because of the war, I can't even see a bow and arrow or mud without getting flashbacks to Agincourt but that's just me. 

Be the best form of yerself you can be and if others drag you down or capsize you push them away like survivors trying to board yer life raft. A foot to the head and a shove. 

Lead by example and protect and look out for those that may need some help. Be an everyday hero by being a decent person in a werld full of mungdongles. 



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