Thursday, 17 March 2016

Why Did John Nash Die?

You may remember the story of John Nash the brilliant mathematician as played by Russell Crowe in the movie A Beautiful mind and his wife dying last year. 

It was a tragic accident that didn't take up too much space in a day full of allied bombs falling on ISIS, Tallyban shootouts in Kabul, the Tories talking about getting rid of the human rights act, North Korea pretending to have nukes, Chinese building secret island bases, deals being made with Iran, the IRS getting hacked, Obama trying to collect data from phone records and putting pressure on the senate to reach a deal to let him spy on Americans, Palmyra being destroyed by ISIS, severe weather in Texas and Oklahoma that killed 28, US stocks dropping due to worry about Greece, Rita Ora wearing a leather skirt and dissing her ex, Heatwave in India killing 800, Kanye West posts tribute to his wife on their one year anniversary, Snowden leaking more intel and Game of Thrones has these crazy Catholic church like Sparrows that everyone is talking about so a lot going on.    

It's the kind of time to slip in something that won't get focused upon too much, the kind of time when world leaders sign dodgy bills that would cause outrage any other time. 

John Nash and his wife returned from Norway after Nash received some honour there, their limo wasn't there to meet them so they got a taxi instead. 

What? a change of plans ... just a coincidence I'm sure. If you can't infiltrate the limo company then make sure the limo doesn't show up and have your own driver who doesn't have to work at a limo company for years to form a cover.      

Tarek Girgis the driver who I cannot find a picture of claimed to have only had been a taxi driver for 2 weeks. The name Tarek is Arabic and means to strike or striker. He wasn't charged with any crime. You can't blame him he was an ice cream van driver before all of this..... who suddenly decided to start driving a taxi in busy NY. 

John Nash is known as the Godfather of Game Theory, he worked with patterns of action, why people did what they did and his work also went into the world of artificial intelligence. His algorithms are used to run most of the stock market and help to minimize loses without morality getting in the way, cold and clinical.

He was 86 when he died and had talked about tweaking with the theory of relativity before he died so he was still working.

Decades ago he said to have found a code that linked newspaper reports that went on to control how people are thinking. He thought he was being followed and spied upon but who would do that? Ach sure JFK may have talked about getting rid of the CIA but it's not like they would kill him or anything ... right?

It was then reported that he was just nuts and there was nothing to see, he was schizophrenia .... though later he said how the meds he was given didn't really work.

Aye he was totally crazy, I mean the media making shit up and influencing yer mind ... all aboard the crazy train, first stop crazy town, toot toot! No wait, isn't 90% of the world's media owned by just 6 corporations?

 At least we still have the National Geographic.

So the History channel has Hitler, aliens and the Bible non-stop and even makes the brilliant but historically fake Vikings TV show. Where is the history? I'm expecting 'The Truth' channel which will of course only show the truth as how certain people want you to see it.

Obama smiles and charms his way about climate change while he green lights fossil fuel drilling because it's racist if you don't support him. I've never seen any president get so much abuse and it must be because he's half black .... no wait, Bush got far more than that but it doesn't suit people to remember.

Obama is in the pocket of big business as surely as Hilary is. If she is trying to re-write Nancy Reagan's history just wait until she gets into power and suddenly her husband being against refugees just wouldn't have happened.

Did the BBC broadcast attacks by Assad only to have the same footage used by NATO a month later with the word napalm changed to chemical weapons?

The US backed and still are a neo-Nazi group in Ukraine to fight against Russian friendly politicians so a few altered news reports would not be surprising.

How did Assad become the bad guy? He's a dick but Syria was stable a few years back as was when Gaddafi suddenly became an issue and before that Saddam became an issue too .... these dictators just did their dictating, they didn't invade the west or anything but suddenly they were the bad guy that just HAD to go.
Yet everyone is silent about the Saudis and the Turks are also our friends which is why we can't really back the Kurds even though Turkey buys ISIS oil and lets them across their borders.

If you doubt media manipulation then think back to no UK media publishing Kate Middleton's tits and why aren't the Saudis getting constant damnation for their public executions? Many in the US didn't even know about the SoCal gas leak that was the worse environmental disaster for years and how is fracking still covered up by top politicians when it's poisoning the water?     

If you haven't watched the movie 'Wag the dog' then you really should. 

Nash killed by an Arab, well that fits into the current xenophobia, it just has to reach you on a subconscious level in order to work.  Then add to that bomb plots and shootings that were enabled by Homeland security and a political candidate inciting hatred and fear, "I think Islam hates us ... tremendous hatred, tremendous" and stories of barbarism, do ISIS sit and think of new ways to shock us? It sounds a little like Madonna, Miley Cyrus or the Fear Factor to me and what you have is a population starting to think the way the powers that be want you to think. 

Did Nash know too much? Probably, was he killed by the government? ... only if they were tying up loose ends but they'd be more likely to get his plane than his car. Luckily the driver was wearing a seat belt unlike his two passengers ... very lucky huh.

Was he onto something? ... definitely. We are being controlled and manipulated by the government and by the media, information is being twisted or left out and rely on you not paying attention and going with yer knee jerk reaction. Lets believe the BBC ... yeah right, you'd be just as well believing RT, that other state funded media outlet.

Brussels banning bananas if they curve too much .... who the fuck fell for that anti-EU story? Brussels was grading them on their curve like how you'd measure a lobster you caught to see if it's big enough to sell, no one was throwing out curved bananas but that is how some remember the article with that brain dead cook Jamie Oliver speaking out against it.    

It's all about how you perceive the news, those in control don't want to bore you with facts and how they connect to other things. Only an insane person could connect the dots because those creating the news are psychopaths.    


dh said...

I like RT.
And do you have a pic of Kate's tits ?

Unknown said...

Well said!

Old Knudsen said...

RT is lies from the other perspective, don't like the west then watch RT. Her tits weren't that great anyways.

Thank you unknown random citizen.

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BTW, where are the Sunday Specials ?

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It all depends on if I'm inspired by hotness or not.