Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Teens On Roids

I just watched a short film on the BBC website about Bignattydaddy. This is a boy of 15 years-old whose real name is of course Tyler (had to be something like that) and he body builds and openly admits to taking steroids.

He says that even on steroids you have to put in the work or you won't get great results. Many other adult body builders (except Bostin loyd who is a roid taking dickhead) say it's cheating and he shouldn't be doing it, especially at his age.

Teenagers can be kinda dumb and obnoxious, it's nature's way of making the parents kick them out into the real world. Humans are adolescent longer than any other animal and even at adulthood men still want to suck on titties and get their mammy to run around after them because they never learned how to cook or clean.

Not just men, some weemen can't even make a decent cup of tae or a sandwich .... what the serious fuck?

Bignattydaddy says he wants to die young, before 40 if possible. I was reminded of how stupid and unoriginal teens can be. He wants to live life to the max till then .... um lifting weights and taking selfies isn't living life.

Maybe he doesn't do that much training as this physique isn't that impressive. I've seen teens not using drugs with better definition of muscle.

I was more struck by his western privilege than anything. Sure he's a dumb teen that thinks he's different, sure he isn't concerned about a failing cock because teens don't think forward that much, especially ones that think they'll die in a blaze of glory before 40 instead of slowly and painfully to failing kidneys.

He talked about how he has to eat up to 6 times a day. So many people in the world are barely able to eat once a day but this kid is feeding the bottomless pit that it the teen stomach and buying illegal drugs while showing off about it on social media.

Where are the parents? Who knows? This kid is heading towards becoming Rodger Elliot who had little parental guidance and a skewed view of things and with mood altering substances like steroids it will happen.

He laughed at people who say how he's only 15 and doesn't know his own mind ... all those that don't know their own mind always think they do but even those that do still have a lot to learn about themselves.

Why is he so obsessed with his appearance? He admits to hating how he looks in the mirror and even as buff as he is will wear sweat shirts to hide his body.

Yeah he no doubt suffers from Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) in which he is very critical about his appearance and quick to get distressed about perceived flaws.   

Like anorexia the flaws are in the mind of the beholder, maybe he's a fan of superheroes, like how girls are given the task of looking like a Barbie he wants to look like Thor.  BDD (like circumcision) is usually only talked about with females. Boys get to suck it up.

It can be very stupid to suck it up and put up with things because you'll not get any thanks for being such a martyr. Old Knudsen sees strength in admitting you have faults or aren't coping very well as it can take a fair bit of courage to trust others and to open up about it.

It's so easy to smile and say, "I'm fine" and push things to the back of yer head ignoring how those issues are eating away at you and effecting yer life.

Bignattydaddy vanished from social media and deleted his accounts. Maybe the police got involved or maybe social services. I doubt he did it of his own accord as that lad does need help and thinks he's fine.

Lets hope he's off the juice and living life without enhancement.       



dh said...

Help ?
Yer getting weak Soren ...

Old Knudsen said...

I am strong like bull.