Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Did Oswald Shoot JFK?

Historical derp faces for the world to see. 

Who shot JFK? Was it Oswald? Was it James Files from the grassy knoll? Was it Charles Nicoletti from the Dal Tex building? Did the CIA and mob boss Sam Giancana plan it all? 

The Mannlicher Carcano rifle that Oswald owned was a cheap old weapon. Its bolt mechanism needed effort to use and there was trouble with the sights and the trigger. Oswald had Marine training several years earlier with excellent weapons but no experience with scopes and got a rating of being a poor - fair shot, he was by no means an expert marksman. 

 Mind you don't fall over with that strange leaning thing there.

The only weapons he fired after his training was a shotgun for a hunting club he was in but never a rifle. Did he practice with his Italian carbine? His wife Marina says he never once took his rifle out for a practice but in a later testimony she said that maybe he did once or twice ... her memory improved after a while and her story changed when she made errors like how he cleaned it when he hadn't even had the rifle then. 

 The lone banjo player. 

You'd think he'd get a better rifle, one that didn't require a lot of force to pull the trigger on and you'd think he'd practice a lot and fix the sights etc, you need at least 10 shots to zero in a rifle.     

Maybe he said that he'd do it on the night and just hope to become an expert shot .... better than any currently serving in the Marines or the FBI. 

CBS got experts with better weapons to do what Oswald did that day and they failed. A moving target 90 yards (82 metres) with a tree obscuring it for some time yet he fired 3 rounds in 6 seconds with 2 out of three bullets hitting the mark ..... this was on an old clunky bolt action rifle that he wasn't used to firing with an inaccurate scope that wasn't of a particularly powerful magnification. 

Oswald did not have the skill, ability or the tools to do that, there had to be multiple shooters. The Dallas police reported they had found Oswald's German Mauser rifle but of course had to change it to a  Mannlicher Carcano rifle when they found the shells .... c'mon, consistency people ffs. 

 Johnson getting sworn in ... very solemn. 

Who benefited from getting rid of a president who was going after the mob and was about to get rid of the CIA? Why Vice president Johnson of course. 

  Just after getting sworn in they are all smiles and Albert Thomas gives LBJ a wink as JFK's widow still in her blood stained clothes stands to the side of Johnson.  

Johnson was in a business known as the Suite 8F Group that made sure government contracts went where they were supposed to go. Along with Albert Thomas there was Clint Murchison, HL Hunt, Edward Clark, and Billy Sol Estes, also Bobby Baker the money launderer and bribe arranger.

The escalation of the Vietnam war meant more money and some Suite 8F Group subsidiaries getting taken into the bigger and better Haliburton which in 1963 conveniently got the presidential E for export flag for its contributions to foreign trade.  

It's as if LBJ, the CIA and all were unstoppable and could do anything. The chain of evidence was broken when the government refused to follow state law and had the body of JFK moved to Bethesda Naval Hospital, the body arrived there twice in two different caskets.... figure it out yerself.  

Isn't it odd that 2 bullets fired from above and behind blew out the back of JFK's head upon entry and left small neat exit wounds? 
A bullet goes in small and comes out big .  JFK's wounds would have come from nearer ground level at least. (the second floor where Charles Nicoletti was found) If Oswald had been the shooter then JFK's face would have been gone but autopsy pics show his face is untouched and it's the back of his head that's gone .... does not compute.  

A British writer hatched the story that the body in Oswald's body wasn't the one buried but instead it was a Soviet spy that had replaced Oswald when he visited Russia. In 1981 his body was exhumed and nope, it was still Oswald going by his teeth, a scar and the rings he had on him. 

I'm not saying that I know who killed JFK, I'm certainly positive that Johnson had a hand in it though and likely the CIA and multiple shooters. Oswald was a patsy and was killed by Jack Ruby a night club owner with mob ties before he could talk. 

Oswald had 2 young daughters that grew up with this shame and a funny kind of fame. Marina (now 74) remarried but shit like this doesn't leave you alone. The daughters now in their 50's live in Texas but quiet lives making few public appearances and the whole family have come to decide that though Oswald wasn't perfect but he didn't kill Kennedy.

I wonder where Oswald a not too bright grunt got the time and ability to not only speak fluent Russian (if he even did, a witness says he didn't) and how he could be such a good shot when expert marksmen failed and that previously Oswald was supposed to have tried to shoot General Edwin Walker from only 33 yards (30 metres) why did he miss that time? 



dh said...

Can't remember to have seen the photos of Oswald posing. He stands very awkward - did he limp ?
Did you alter the second one with the banjo ?
It seems clear that Oswald was only the diversion.
If it is correct what the Petty Officer shows, the shootist should have been standing to the right of the person who shot (sorry) the film.

Anways, Knudsen, does it matter ?

Old Knudsen said...

Oswald claims that those pics were his head but not his body. Maybe the CIA faked the banjo one too. Does it matter that the history books say it was Oswald? I think it does as it's an outright lie, I don't like being lied to especially on this level. I never did like LBJ.