Monday, 21 March 2016

Conserve Wildlife So Our Children Will Have Something To Hunt

American couple only kill what they can eat. 

Prince William gave an interview about how rhinos and elephants need to be protected before it's too late. When the prince isn't out hunting he likes to talk about saving animals, it helps him to sleep at night. 

"There is a place for commercial hunting in Africa as there is around the world, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but the arguments for regulated, properly controlled commercial hunting is that the money that goes from shooting a very old infirm animal goes back into the protection of the other species."

So he thinks that if you enjoy killing exotic animals then as long as you have the money and maybe if the animal is going to die in 20 years anyway then you should be allowed to kill them. That sounds fair enough. 

The dentist that killed Cecil did say that it had a limp and so needed to be culled .... well it would after having fired an arrow at it.

The hunter with the titties said that her hungry guides assured her that the giraffe she killed would be helping out the herd and the community as well as her Face Book wall.

I think that someone like Tony Blair, George Osbourne or even Donald Trump should be in charge of what animals need a good killing because their judgement has been ever so sound in other areas.

George Osborne: "Disabled people are probably going to die soon anyway so lets cut their benefits to help them along" 

Maybe those in society past their prime should be culled in order to preserve the species. 

There are 15,000 lions in Africa .... does Africa really need that many? It doesn't sound very safe to me. In Africa lions kill 250 people a year, 70 of those are only in Tanzania, we need payback.

And we get it. Only 1,500 lions are male with 300 going per year that sounds reasonable enough I mean what the fuck do lions even do? Most lions that are shot are aged 6 years old, some may say that is when they are past their usefulness but in reality they are coming into their maturity .... like killing men when they hit 35.

Prince William who has gotten a free pass because everyone liked his dead mum but he has turned into a bit of a dick. He's not stripping naked in Vegas like Harry but it's there under the surface, he is one of them.

Maybe lizard people like animals not covered in fur, I don't know. So he supports hunting around the world but wants to save rhinos and elephants because ..... he probably wants his children and their children to be able to kill these iconic animals of Africa for fun too.

The prince (who knows more than you do) says that these mean and evil poachers that kill animals for money rather than for fun have links to terrorism. He wouldn't go into details but says that, 'he knows.'

I think we should bring him in for questioning. It's true, the van bomb the "New" IRA planted that killed a prisoner officer in Belfast was funded by a go fund me page and from the sale of ivory according to an anonymous bloke I met in the pub.... oh you mean Islamic extremists, they also sell people too but do we really care?

     A pout and a hashtag failed to bring them home, nice effort though. 

According to the prince, any money used from the hunting of animals should be put back into the protection of the species. So lets kill off the animals for money so we can save them ... this is why the royals shouldn't be allowed to speak.   
This tiger is covered in spots, it must be ill .... we'd better kill it.

Both William and Harry like to kill animals for fun and so are the best people to talk about conservation. We've overlooked Harry's immature antics and have let William do whatever all because we felt guilty at not charging the Queen with the death of Diana .... ya know, the one the Queen didn't like cos she couldn't control her that one. 

If yer a little simple and can't figure out how shops work and so have to hunt for food then fine but hunting for fun or "sport" as some call it just isn't necessary. We have fuck all wild environment left in the world and some rich dickhead going and shooting what we do have is making it worse. Over the past week with the budget, the election in the US and now with the prince we've really seen the worse in humanity and it seems they are at the top of the food chain.  


dh said...

"Maybe those in society past their prime should be culled in order to preserve the species."

That's what they did (or still do ?) on the Balcans. In deepest Transsylvania old men were expected to walk out into the forest when they are "weak" and "unproductive". The bears care for them.

Punching big holes into little bambies seems to be a real man's sport, and cream sauce & cranberry cover everything !

Old Knudsen said...

I don't mind eating bambi I just don't want its hed on the wall watching me wank.

dh said...

Would be the first recorded case of a bamby's post-mortem-barf ...