Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Unicorn Lives Matter


Give us this day all that you showed me, the power and the glory, till my kingdom comes. Today's wisdom comes from the fine Scottish group Ultravox from Hymn in 1982. Life is a wonderful gift from God who while knows everything that will happen has given man free will. This is solely for the purpose of saying, "I told you so" as he sends you to burn for eternity. 

Saying how your thoughts and prayers are with someone while yer actions may have contributed to the problem has led to prayer shaming, yep another catchy name for something to feel bad about. Telling a poor wee NRA member to go fuck themselves when they are sympathetic to yet another shooting, disgraceful, don't you dare prayer shame these hypocrites.

Give me all the storybook told me, the faith and the glory, till my kingdom comes. It really is just a storybook and if you have to get yer morals from it then maybe yer just a naturally bad person to begin with, a crazy ass book isn't going to make you better. Is there any logic or reason to think there is a magical after life? .... beats reality doesn't it.

Don't rely on others to tell you how special you are, you'd be in for disappointment if your self esteem depended on what others thought of you .... that includes Jesus too. Love yourself people. 

And they said that in our time, all that's good will fall from grace, even saints would turn their face in our time.
Well the Catholic church sure fell from grace and continues to slide doon the gutter with its lies and oppression, much beloved John Paul II was just a smiling kindly looking front for evil, just like Pope Francis.

All churches seem to be very quiet, not much outrage, it's almost as if everything is ok with them. A vague statement every other month is all they are capable of it seems. 

It's easy to believe that there isn't very much good left in the world with the wars and destruction of nature and all the British TV and radio stars of the 70's and 80's turning out to be pedos, like the twice knighted Sir Jimmy Savile who raised millions for charity.

And they told us that in our days, different words said in different ways, have other meanings from he who says in out time. I did not have sexual relations with that woman, by sex he meant no pussy action, only oral ... sex, which isn't real sex and doesn't count.

The Bush admin gave us the global war on terror and insurgents as a buzz word for the enemy. Enhanced interrogation really meant torture and people were fine about that.
Obama knows about branding and those unpopular wars became Overseas Contingency Operation, bombing even became kinetic action. Of course Bush, Blair, Obama and Cameron just constantly lie to us all the time because they are better and more clever than us .... hey we were the idiots that put them into power.

And they said that in our time we would reap from their legacy, we would learn from what they had seen in our time.
The amount of loss Northern Ireland suffered during the battle of the Somme meant that young men were very hesitant in joining up to die in WWII. Wasn't World War one supposed to be the war to end all wars and the great war for civilisation? Weren't we supposed to learn from the carnage so it didn't happen again? Maybe after a generation when memories fade it all just starts again. The changing face of war means less loss for the more developed nations and now the public cry over those we kill.

And they told us that in our days, we would know what was high on high, we would follow and not defy in our time.   

If you go against what our leaders want then yer a terrorist sympathiser and no doubt unpatriotic. The class system is crumbling so now people have to be kept in check by dumbing them down and using double talk that no one really understands. Their fear of the other gets exploited so much that when they see this

They think OMG terrorists!

People lament on the good ol days when everyone had a job for life and a pension at the end of it. Owning technology and luxury items set you apart from others because a VCR cost a grand for fucks sake but now everyone has the shit that you have and you aren't all that.

The good ol days were pretty good .... for white people, all the segregation and injustice against minorities gets forgotten about. It's best to just ignore abortion and gay people and to maybe shun all those that don't fit with us out of society with a big dose of shame.

Memories are selective, the people cannot be trusted with the truth and things change.The world is a smaller place so we now tend to see more of the bad shit but there was always bad shit. We were happier in the good ol days because with ignorance came bliss.

We are told lies from the day we are born by parents, educators, clergy, media, politicians and all those who came before us that decided that this is how we do things. Some lies are to cover up worse lies as it's all a matter of what you are willing to accept. Is murder ok if we call it war?

Feel free to listen to Ultravox Hymn  

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