Friday, 6 November 2015

Against All Odds

Phil Collins announced to the world of his plans to come out of retirement, this news has come to a shock to many and one man has even launched a petition to stop him. It's my struggle, it's our struggle but for him it's just another day in paradise, no need to think twice just sign. Revolution is in the air tonight and no jacket is required.

So after a few days to let that news sink him, Phil came out with another statement. "I said I was coming out of retirement, and I shall .... unless you pay me one million dollars!"  

Damn it! even his ransom demands are stuck in the 80's. Looks like it's time to sell off me Monsanto shares.

One thing that Collins has always been wrong about and it was irresponsible of him to say this but you can indeed hurry love. Old Knudsen has it doon to 42 seconds so in yer face Phil Collins .... ugh now there is a mental image I could have done without.   

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