Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Trump West Young Man

Kanye West rambles on during an award show stoned out of his tiny mind and announces he'll run for president in 2020. Not soon enough you'll all agree. 

Let me introduce the Trump/West ticket. The dream team. The world's greatest American and businessman ever! terms and conditions may apply Donald Tiberius Trump combined with the greatest living rock star Kanye Derek West. 

With West as Vice President all the ethnics should be happy and Donald won't be seen as a racist as he builds a wall to keep the raping drug dealers in Mexico but ignores the Canadian border. Young people listen to West (mostly 10 years ago) and women see his wife Kim as a role model so that'll be most of America voting for Trump/West. 

Expect to see a surge in US citizenship as people hurry to become American just to vote for Trump/West, you'd be a fool not to. 

Would the Don or the Kan let Putin invade Ukraine?  NO WAY! Kanye would interrupt him and Donald wouldn't let him get another word out.

They don't have experience or know politicking but they do know how to be awesome. Trump/West, building walls to keep the future out. Walls won't stop airplanes, missiles or tunnels and may cause side effects such as wasting money in which case you should see your doctor.     

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