Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Sundown You Better Take Care

All those pictures of honest white people with their babies looking like life was tough as they struggled to survive during the dust bowl era. You can't help but feel sorry for them.

Now we call those honest white people lazy black people who use their food stamps to buy Twinkies and soda with because white people's shit don't stink.

 These lazy black people using food stamps to buy crack with.

Times change and perceptions change. In the US people get a little uncomfortable if you say yer poor and happen to be a white person because that shouldn't be possible. The poor of any colour get looked down upon, Old Knudsen has found that if you work hard, live with honour, integrity and selflessness you still might not be able to pay the bills, you'll get worn down and sick and people will still disrespect you no matter what ... fuck em, the system is stupid. 

I've found that when people get power over others they tend to abuse it, everyone thinks they have power over a poor person, or a sick, old and disabled person. Do it my way or the highway. 

From the Grapes of Wrath published in 1939 you'll read of a family in Oklahoma losing their farm to the bank after their crops fail due to drought (damn you Global warming!) and they pack up and drive to Callyfornia where dreams come true. Callyfornia was sick of getting these Okies, they had already tried road blocks that turned away anyone who didn't have money or a job. Too many workers around so they were paid shite wages, lived in shite conditions and were treated like shite by their employers and the local law enforcement. 

Yes there were 'No Okies allowed' signs. Today in Oklahoma they are trying to put through a form of the conscience clause so that good Christian folk can put signs up in their businesses 'No gheys allowed' .... like I said about people who get a little bit of power. People never learn from what happened to them in the past. We were oppressed but now we can do it to others, that is what America was founded on, don't believe me then ask an injun.

I love her coy body language.

Of course white people were not the only migrants. All across the US from the 1800's to the start of the 20th century were thousands of Sundown towns. In these towns there would be a sign at the town limits that would say something like 'Don't let us see [ethnic group] in this town after sundown' in Colorado 'No Mexicans After Night' in Connecticut 'Whites Only Within City Limits After Dark' and quite often Jews and Japs were added to the list of undesirables.

To understand how Americans feel about immigrants (illegal or not) then learn how they treated them in the past, many places are still like this but not so open now. Arkansas was quite good at getting rid of its coloreds that there are very few in the north of that state. Check HERE to see all the sundown towns.  

I knew the Spanish weren't white .... nor those Eyeties.

An ugly part of the past that always threatens to reappear. Old Knudsen looks at the US because they've been through all this civil rights stuff and then he looks at Europe with its white enclaves doing the same things as the Klan did 60 years ago and making the same impassioned pleas imbedded in racism. The names and faces may change but the hate and fear is still the same.

Add some sectarianism to the racism for double effect. It sickens me that people in this day and age still go by the whites only or Christian only or Muslim only or Jew only or straight only. Why are people so eager to join a hate tribe? ... THEY EAT THEIR OWN!

I wanna start a sundown town, if I catch a bigot in my town after sundown I'll make them watch some black ghey interracial porn and attach electrodes to their nipples to zap them when they get aroused and then read a Richard (Dorkins) Dawkins book to the fuckers. 


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