Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Ghost In The House

If you look closely you can see a "historic" UVF drug dealer ghost.

Craigavon House was once the home of Northern Ireland's first Prime Minister, Sir James Craig. During WWI it became a UVF hospital for soldiers returning from the Battle of the Somme. 

UVF stands for Ulster Volunteer Force and was set up by Loyalists to rebel against the Crown should they let Ulster get ruled from Dublin. It's all very silly with poorly trained civvies who found themselves not fighting the English but going off to fight in the war in what was one of the mostly bloodiest battles. 

Since then Loyalist paramilitaries have pissed on their memory by setting up a criminal gang under the UVF name. They march about in WWI uniforms and put up flegs with 'UVF' on them but say they are historical not criminal so the authorities don't take them down ... aye these drug dealing tossers are scum who would shit themselves if they had to go to war. These days they are bullies who instantly cry victim when they don't get their way. 

The people of Ulster were so shocked by the losses at the Somme that recruitment for WWII was very slow as the brave men of Ulster avoided serving ... not Old Knudsen's people as we jump at the chance to shoot Germans. 

You'd think that Ulster Protestants were the only ones who fought there by the way they spoke ... the Royal Dublin Fusiliers, Irish Catholic 16th Division,  English, Australian, Welsh, South African, Scots, French and French/African all fought at the Somme. 

3 Victoria crosses were awarded to the Ulster Division, 2 posthumously and out of the 5,000 casualties 2,069 were killed. The writer C.S. Lewis from Belfast fought at the Somme. 

Ethel or a case of smoking too much? 

The East Coast Paranormal Society did some ghost hunting in Craigavon house before Christmas and did indeed find what they were looking for. The image of a bearded man was seen as well as what they think was a ghostly matron named Ethel who was very attached to the hospital. 

  A very clear image of .... a person if not a ghost.

It takes a lot of energy for a ghost to materialize so the figure on the stairs is either a real life living hobo or not a very happy spirit. 
There have been reports of a ghostly voice at Craigavon house, perhaps it is Sir Craig himself. The sound of, "Mister mister mister ... gat a feg, hey mister mister" haunts the air. 

I'm sure there are plenty of ghosts there, if you fought and died in the war only to have some dirt bags using the UVF name to kill Catholics and deal drugs you'd be fucking angry. 
Do you think that the soldiers of the Ulster division cared if the soldier next to them was Catholic? 

They were all proud Irishmen no matter what religion they had, fighting bravely against the Hun in a futile and senseless war.   


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