Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Getting Ready For World War Three

It all started in 1991 when Ukraine voted overwhelmingly become independent from Russia. 90% of voters turned out for it. Some of Russia's nuclear arsenal and the means to make nukes remained in Ukraine, not something that Russia would have been comfortable with.
In 1994 Ukraine gave up its nukes to become a nuclear free state with Russia, UK and the US giving the Ukraine security assurances that without its nukes they would protect it. France and China also reassured Ukraine that it would be protected.    

 Hola Amigo

That's all very nice, worldly cooperation.  Even during the the time of G.W. Bush there was a friendship of sorts with Russia, they even removed their nukes from Cuba. Then something changed.

Not very friendly

A change in US Presidents, this one was more insidious and devious than Bush, all those domestic spying programs and drone strikes that Bush had started got elaborated on and became more widespread than Bush could have ever imagined.
Even Internet privacy became an issue with Obama closing many pirate sites that let you watch crap movies for free and those horrible evil people who dared download a song or a film got serious jail time and yer e-mails got stored and monitored just in case you were tempted .... for national security of course.
Now drones are allowed to spy on the American people .... aye Obama is well sleekit.

Obama had testy relationships with the UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown, as well as Putin and has even alienated Israel because sometimes he behaves like a Democrat though he acts like a Republican, he can't decide. He's a lawyer for fucks sake with an agenda of control.

During Obama's admin the west has been trying to undermine Russia by setting up those countries who rely on Russia for energy to get their gas from other sources. Hilary has been busy promoting fracking to Poland and her neighbours.
Europe gets a third of its gas from Russia and when they threaten to turn off supplies, people listened but now places like Lithuania which was 100% dependent on Russia can get gas from Norway.

Russia is definitely feeling the pinch along with low oil prices and mild winters too.   

The little green men.  

For some reason Russia doesn't appreciate the west chipping away at its hold over Europe, they put their nukes back into Cuba and took over the Crimea. The part of Ukraine they took isn't just worthless land, it's a land and sea that is rich in minerals and fuel, companies like Exxon Mobil, Chevron, Shell, Repsol, and Petrochina have expressed an interest with Kiev to explore the area.

Putin wants the rights to any hydrocarbons found in its maritime zones and his laughable excuse to protect the rights of ethnic Russians in the area is so see through. The vote that Crimea had to say they wanted Russian rule was overseen by the little green men, these are highly trained Russian troops with no insignia on their uniforms who are under the guise of being "concerned citizens" and in other areas there were no voting stations, the indigenous Tartars didn't have a vote, it was all bullshit.

The state run TV station Russia Today still churns out the propaganda, they had the Ukrainian forces shelling humanitarian aid stations killing 5 as well as hospitals, schools and playgrounds while the nice anti-government forces (Russian backed rebels) shielded puppies with their bodies should they get injured.  

To demonstrate just how unpopular Russia is, not only was Putin not invited to the 70th ceremony for the liberation of Auschwitz in Poland but the Poles have said it was Ukrainian soldiers rather than Russian soldiers who were first to liberate the camp. The Ukrainian soldiers would have been a part of the Red army so it's just nit picking and using the Holocaust to score points against Russia. 

Keeping it classy Poland.   
 Brits with an American Sherman tank decoy during WWII. 

In WWII the British and Americans had inflatable tanks, planes and trucks to fool German recon planes. British military intelligence had people like James Bond creator Ian Fleming working for them and did things like dress a dead body up as an airman with a case full of documents that suggested an allied invasion of Greece rather than the expected Sicily. The dead body was from a down and out Welshman who killed himself with rat poison but now he was a Major in the Royal Marines who according to letters in his pockets and receipts, went out to stage shows and looked forward to marrying his fiance .... The Germans fell for it and moved tanks and thousands of troops to Greece thus giving the allies less of a fight when they invaded Sicily.

The Americans had what has been called The ghost army. A regiment of artists who painted various different troop insignias onto trucks and used loud speakers with the sounds of tanks moving into position, the tapes would go on for hours and even had the odd sergeant barking out orders. Also they replicated fake radio chatter to make the enemy think that a tank division that was still in England was really only miles away. 
This worked to fool the Germans that even when General Patton had a 70 - 80 miles gap in his line of attack the ghost army went in driving in circles through the same towns but with different regimental insignias and they had to make sure that their inflatable tank guns didn't droop during the night.

If only the Germans had taken a closer look they would have seen the weakness in the line, the war might have ended very differently.       

Everyone fooled the Germans, the Germans are too logical and rigid in their thinking, in 1944 the Soviets also had a ghost army and made the Germans think they in places they weren't really.

The Russians pride themselves on being sneaky that they even have a name for the tactic, they call it  
Maskirovka which means to veil or hide. Today they still have inflatable tanks and even entire inflatable radar stations, missile launchers and MIG jets.

These days they have the little green men in Ukraine while Putin denies they are his troops. They even had a massive convoy of white trucks filled with humanitarian aid like baby food racing towards Ukraine while the media tried to keep up, was it really baby food? would Kiev let it through?  All the while at a rebel run check point a sneaky convoy of military supplies was entering Ukraine.

 Russian bombers have been taking part in training maneuvers flying to Alaska and the coast of Callyfornia, not quite entering US airspace but close enough to worry the Americans.

Since NATO is being used by the US to put pressure on Russia with a troop build up on the border Putin has decided that NATO is also an adversary too and has had his bombers fly around the British Isles.

Is Putin reminding the world that he can bomb and reach anywhere or is there something else going on that he needs a distraction?  He's like a bully puffing out his chest to intimidate, something they do to distract you so you don't notice their fear.

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