Sunday, 22 February 2015

Choudary Thinks That Ireland Should Be Attacked

UK-based radical Muslim mouth piece preacher Anjem Choudary has said that Ireland is and has always been a  legitimate AL-Qaeda target because American planes refuel at Shannon Airport in Co. Clare.

 Choudary in happier times before his downward mental health spiral.

"You allow the Americans, who are the biggest butchers in the world, to stop at Shannon Airport to refuel and go on to kill people in Muslim countries... if you believe the Americans are terrorists, the Irish government is colluding with them and aiding and abetting terrorism."

Poor Ireland, they dare not step onto the world stage for fear of doing something stupid, they don't even have a fucking army because the only people stupid enough to attack or invade them are the English and now they can't afford to do that since they took everything of value centuries ago.  

An Al Qaeda spokesman said, "I wish Choudary would shut the fuck up, we've enough on our plate without him making new targets to attack."

Al Qaeda is the number two choice for Islamic terrorists and have recently lost a huge chunk of the market share to ISIS now called Daesh. Speculators have said that Al Qaeda have been resting on their laurels since 2001 and need a big hit to stay current, attacking Ireland would be ..... kinda embarrassing.

In 1941 Nazi Germany made an apology for bombing neutral Dublin, killing 90 ... aye feel wick ya Nazis cunts. They were to bomb Belfast but who outside of Ireland knows the difference between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland? 
That lack of general knowledge is the only reason the north gets tourists as they assume it's all one big and friendly island, they soon learn better. 

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