Thursday, 9 October 2014

Heroes At Kobani

 Kurds legging it to Turkey.

As Turkish troops bravely stand on their border and do nothing the Syrian town of Kobani endures a desperate attack from ISIS. The Kurds are doing their best against overwhelming odds and are not really helped by the useless United States-led airstrikes against the militants are helping but only with boots on the ground (the Kurds) ....  I told ya Obama.

 Well this is how we surrender in Turkey.

Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan sees the Kurdish People's Protection Unit, known as the YPG as an even bigger threat than ISIS and so won't help ..... what a whiny little bitch, oh look Turkey you just let in a few more militants over yer ever so porous border that ISIS have enjoyed for years.

Erdogen stands and screams, "won't someone do something?" 

 A Kurdish fighter whose name was Dilar Gencxemis, but went under the nom-de-guerre of Arin Mirkan died in the fighting at Kobani.

The mother of two volunteered to be a suicide bomber. All the Kurdish fighters would give their lives for their desperate cause and to stop the advancing ISIS mercenaries and she did.

She detonated her bomb taking at least 27 ISIS fuckers with her, putting them on the fast track to their 72 virgin goats and stopping the ISIS advance.
ISIS are shit scared of female fighters to start with and there is good reason to be. There are 10,000 pissed off weemen in the YPG for ISIS to fear. 

Trust Old Knudsen, he's been married several times and knows the wrath of thousands of weemen.

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