Monday, 16 June 2014

Kill Homeless People

 I'm a little fed up at seeing these spikes and people's reaction to them. Metal spikes put into the ground to stop homeless people from sleeping there.  By the way people are reacting you'd think that Bergen Belson had reopened it's doors for business or something.

"Oh no, these are human beings who deserve more"   as if their human rights were being walked over, Tesco was branded as being anti-homeless  ..... as opposed to being pro-homeless I suppose.

People who lock doors are anti-home invasion .... shame on them. 

Yes I support homeless people and think they should be allowed to sleep in all the doorways, in fact more people should be homeless and if you don't think so then yer a bigot.
I blame grain, back when mankind were hunter gatherers they didn't have time to waste of silly shit but now they don't have to spend their days trying to survive they can dander around trying to take offense at anything they can.

A Tesco in London had the spikes on their window sills to discourage anti-social behaviour, it wasn't as if anyone was sleeping on the narrow ledge it was no doubt to prevent teens from sitting there all day.
Some liberal types came along all offended and poured concrete over them. They intended on drowning the spikes but I guess their knee jerk reaction was clouding their thinking as the concrete was too thick to smooth out and they had to leg it.

  Saw some liberals buying cement and buckets, they didn't have any change to spare, need dislike button :(  

If you have been outraged by spikes in the ground then GET A LIFE! when was the last time you invited some toothless hobo with a dead rat collection home for Thanksgiving dinner? When have you gone up to someone who is living on the streets and offered them a bed for the night ... hookers don't count, well they do count the money you give them, a suspicious untrusting lot they are. 

Hey cracker, you ignore my cup that means yer a racist!

Strangely enough I don't want some dirty, smelly, hairy bloke sleeping outside of my hoose and I doubt any businesses want their customers getting hassled for change when they do the weekly shopping. They don't shit and piss where they sleep but they do it near by.
In Callyfornia I had to make sure no one was sleeping in the bushes beside my hoose, not only do they leave their trash but they'll steal anything of yers that isn't nailed doon. Some dirty git was shitting in the bushes, boy did he have stomach issues going by the poop. There was someone else who left a bunch of kittens.
Aye before you know it you've got a mattress and tarps erected at the end of yer garden. If they didn't leave when I told them to or if it was too dark to go into the bushes looking for a hobo with a knife then I'd turn the hose on the bushes.

Trampling over their human rights? ..... the fuck I was they didn't pay an ounce of rent so fuck off they can.

Like in the UK if yer homeless in the US you will receive help from the government. Many who are homeless stay that way because they don't want to address their addiction problems are fucking nuts or prefer that way of life.
There are plenty of hard luck stories out there but they are running out of excuses because there is help to be had.

The homeless people at the Twaddell civil rights camp in Belfast... move them on.  

Spikes on the street are not a big deal and don't hurt anyone, now there have been plenty of stories about hobos getting set on fire, that is a serious issue as melted hobo is difficult to clean up. I've seen plenty of places with metal guards on window sills but because they are spikes then folks don't like em. I've seen marble benches with metal balls on them to stop skateboarders from grinding, what about their human skating rights?

You have park benches and bus shelter benches with dividers so people can't sleep on them, in fact many of the benches at the bus shelters are only 5 inch wide shelves that you can barely sit on never mind sleep on..... where is the outrage?  Spikes, people react to spikes without thinking.  

You don't live here so don't set up yer hippy occupy camp and stop looking at my children. If I wake up to find some friendly homeless person lying in my flower beds I'll politely ask him to move on ... with me boot up his hole of course. Wise up people, if you don't like it that hobos are not welcome in many doorways of homes and businesses then take them home with you.  "I ain't had good food like this since prison, yer wife is real purdy I bet she knows exactly what to do in the sack with does pert little titties, Am I right huh? oh I phoned a couple of pals who are down on their luck too, they'll be over in a bit, much appreciated."     

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