Monday, 9 June 2014

Drones Over Belfast

The new agreement between the EU and the US to fly drones in European airspace was only signed last month but now we are already seeing drones in our everyday life.

A Belfast woman got a nasty shock at the weekend when she came face to face with a US built Octocopter being used by the local police for observation on Loyalist parades.

Agnes Thompson of Eblana street in Belfast got a the feeling that someone was watching her.

"I was standing on ma doorstep in my dressing gown having a feg and a cup of tae when I heard a wee whooshing noise. I lucked up to see this thing just sitting der in the aer lucking at me, I thought it was a spaceship or something like, I was scundered, I didn't even have ma hair done. I shouted for wee Davey and he tuck a picture before it flew aff. Later I foond out it was the fecking peeping toms in the PSNI with nathing better to do, we're paying der wages fur this, to spy on us wimin."  

The PSNI confirmed the use of drones on that day but refused to say where they were being used.

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