Sunday, 20 April 2014

Like Bunnies I Tells Ya

While you tell the kids that Easter is about Jesus and how if they don't do as you tell them with yer wee secrets they'll burn in Hell ... Old Knudsen is here to remind you that yer wrong.

Leave the kids alone you religious fucks and have some adult time, what is it with the followers of yon God that makes you do shit to kids, oppress weemen and bash gheys?

Islam, Judaism and Christianity have made it their business to keep the woman doon, maybe diddling the kids is a part of that.

Turn ye away from yer sinful life and return to the old ways of nature. You may live in a concrete box but nature is within and all around you, embrace it ya fuck wad.   

Eat an apple if you want, ain't no one gonna say that an apple or that piece of cheesecake will cause you to damn all of humanity.

What kind of freaky control shit do they have going on .... worse than the Scientologists.

I don't understand all that you've been sinned, no wait someone got tortured for yer sins, ach it all sounds fucked up.

It's Easter, a time of fertility and re-birth so get together with some like minded adults and get some sex magic going on. Fuck for a brighter future.

Don't listen to the false prophets and two faced shites, they'll get theirs.

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