Sunday, 8 December 2013

Sexy Church Gurls

If you dream then dream big.

Old Knudsen was knocking a few back while I was on Instant messaging with me ol mucker Richard Haass who to be honest is not all there, anyway I was telling him what to say about Fleggers when I realised I didn't have a Sunday post set up.

I had to find some hotties stat! Christians would wake up and with not seeing my post filled with beautiful adults would then molest some children as their Bible tells them too.

DUP politician Sammy Wilson tells everyone how Christians are being persecuted .... aye since Christianity is the largest religion on Earth I bet they are really being persecuted. They should though.

Old Knudsen is sick of religious nuts calling the shots. The US does not send birth control in it's aid packages to Africa all because of religion. Feed the Africans so they can make more Africans to feed etc etc.

In Northern Ireland my lady loves can't get abortions thanks to religion. You's think that if the baby was in danger or that the mother was in danger they would abort right? .... don't count on it as no one would want to do it in case the religious nut in charge would get angry.

 Their stare follow you around the room

Who do the Christians think they are fooling? There is no forgiveness, no turning the other cheek and no comforting love. It's a creepy do as you are told thing, thats what religion is, do as you are told and obey.
I'm gonna have to ask you to kill yer son to prove you love God ..... ah will a Facebook status not do instead? 

Yeah sure.


63mago said...

Well, thank you for this social important posts, keep up the good work, etc.pp., but can we have nice little Asian women next time?

Old Knudsen said...

Anything for you Mago.