Sunday, 6 May 2012

Where The Wild Things Are

Violet D'Mello, from Aberdeen, was with her husband at the Kragga Kamma Game Reserve in Port Elizabeth, South Africa celebrating her 60th birthday.

It was all good, they even allow you to go in and pet the big puddy tats. Until tragedy stuck, well not really tragedy as Old Knudsen is still giggling like a giddy school gurl at it. One of the cheetahs made a grab at a snack sized seven-year-old girl. Mrs D'Mello got in the way to help and then she was singled out for attack.

Should have let them take the kid ya idiot! Maybe the Cheetahs took offense to yer choice of clothing, Old Knudsen wants to attack you for it. 

Bounce up to the top picture and look at the Cheetah's face it all makes sense.

The attack isn't the best bit about this story. Mrs D'Mello's husband Archie was outside the enclosure during the attack taking these pictures.

"I couldn't do anything and the guide didn't even have a stick to defend herself."  said bold brave Archie ................"so I just took pictures for the scrapbook or if I had to sue the park over the death of my wife.... some cracking shots don't ya think?"

He didn't say the last bit, Old Knudsen reads minds. You know what annoys Cheetahs? sticking yer thumb up their bung holes.

After a woman came over from reception with the famed Cheetah smiting stick Mrs D'Mello was able to get away. She went to the hospital to get stitches in her head and stomach and was able to continue her holiday though she is currently missing after a great white ripped open the shark cage she was in.  Archie has some great shots of it though.

The Game Reserve is now questioning whether they should allow people around the deadly wild animals and have suspended their picnic with the lions feature..... way ta go Mrs D'Mello, there is always one that spoils everyone elses fun.  

The Cheetah gurls were unavailable for comment but thanks to this incident have new Cheetah outfits. 


Anonymous said...

Even I knew that cheaters are dangerous. Don't these people watch Deadly 60 on CBBC?

Reggie said...

Another non-event. They shouldn't have interceded, they should have let the cheetahs eat her stupid ass.