Saturday, 26 May 2012

Super Soaker Death Ray

Randy Smith, 54, was found walking the streets of Fresno, Callyfornia on a Saturday night, carrying a Super Soaker like ya do. A grown man has such rights I do believe and no one should question his motives in carrying one. A little fun chasing his giggling friends as they squirt water at each other .... in the dark on a Saturday night.


The Gestapo like Fresno police stopped him and found that Mr Smith had  fashioned a powerful weapon out of $30 worth of parts.

Inside the Super Soaker  was a barrel that Smith had turned into a zip gun, a crude improvised firearm where you can fire off one round, in this case it was a 20-gauge shotgun shell. These weapons are usually so unstable and shoddy that they are of as much danger to the shooter as well as the target.

Smith has been in and out of prison since 1994, now its time to go back and learn something else . Thanks to Smith super soakers will now be seen as potential deadly weapons so while Old Knudsen merely fills his up with pish for his Saturday night fun he may be stopped by the pigs. Always some cunt to spoil yer fun.

 Ach ya cannae have a post with someone named Randy mentioning super soakers without.

A woman with giant tits in a wet t-shirt. Old Knudsen likes tits :::::sigh::::::

When Mr Smith is in the prison showers and someone says, "Are you randy?" what is the safe answer for him? 

A: Yes I'm Randy
B: No I'm not Randy
C: No I'm horny
D: Lets get this over with, enjoy the herpes
E: I'll fcuking kill all 5 of yous if ya cum near me with those quite impressive erections
F: Do you want to be the mummy or the daddy?

More super soaker fun though this fella's super soaker looks to be more like a limp dribbler.