Friday, 4 May 2012

The Stars Are Falling

Hollywood still reeling from the sudden death of actress Patricia Medina who died at the Barlow Respiratory Hospital in Los Angeles aged 92 now has another tragedy to face.

Adam Yauch, one of the founders of the ground breaking boy band trio The Beasties Boys has died age 47.

 Yauch died at the New York-Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan. Well done to Mr Yauch on his choice of hospitals, another soul saved.

Commissioner Gordon of the NYPD is setting up a task force with the LAPD to see if there is any connection to these deaths. 

Adam Sandler who shares the first name with Mr Yauch and like him is also from Brooklyn was unavailable for comment. We hope that Mr Sandler is still alive as that would be too much to handle.  



Reggie said...

I could think of a few more that could stand to die.

Anonymous said...

Sandler is from Vermont.