Monday, 7 May 2012

Small Man Really Walks Tall

 Peter mincing through the tough New York streets with his wife Erica Schmidt and baby daughter .

Old Knudsen wants to celebrate someone whom he thinks has to be one of the greatest actors of all time. No not William Shatner, he is the greatest actor of all time. I give you.

 Peter Hayden Dinklage

Dinklage is currently starring in Game of thrones as Tyrion Lannister a highly intelligent dwarf born to a privileged family in a fantasy world of swords, dragons and titties.

Lots of titties

Doggy style titties

Getting back to the post. It takes a lot of skill and ability to play a dwarf. In real life Dinklage is 5 foot 10 inches when he gets into character on set he becomes 4 foot 5 inches. Its called method acting.   There is a lot of talk about Dinklage having a disability but Old Knudsen thinks that having Hayden as a middle name just means he has to work harder to be taken seriously.

Dinklage playing Aramis in 400

There is talk of the Emmy and Golden Globe winner becoming the next Batman, who knows how high this young man's career will take him?

Gratuitous sex and violence anyone? ............ yes please!


Reggie said...

Seriously though, I enjoy his work too. He's the shining star on that show full of stars.

Old Knudsen said...

He is indeed a talented man.