Saturday, 19 May 2012

Sexy Weapon Training

Since the King of Bahrain Hamad Al-Khalifa is in the cuntry having lunch with the Queen Old Knudsen thought he'd touch base with Hammy and try to sell Old Knudsen's weapon training series in HD. Seeing Old Knudsen in HD is a thing of beauty, no make up fer me Old Knudsen is naturally natural . 

If the Queen is having lunch with him and other Sovereign Monarchs from what some call oppressive dictatorship states then they can't be that bad huh? 

Soon Old Knudsen's training vids will be all over the middle east. Me logic is that so many are dying there of GSW  .................. gunshot wounds try to keep up, so if  the likes of Al-Oaeda the Tallyban and any other trouble making ragheads get proper training then the world will be safer.  Makes sense right?

If the sand savages could shoot right then they wouldn't feel the need to blow themselves up. You don't see our brave military blowing themselves up now do you? 

Blowing yerself up is just so uncivilised and it makes you look like a silly cunt .

Old Knudsen doesn't want yer thanks for this public service, no hes getting a ton of money for it. 

In the west Old Knudsen will be releasing instruction manuals on safe sex. The last thing you want is a husband/wife or mother/wife walking in on you with yer flabby white buttocks pumping away in the wind. I'll teach ya to knock one out in a safe manner . Old Knudsen only appears in them as an observer .......... He likes to watch.    

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